S.A.W. (Sebulba always win) Separatist Union 5-1 Philly Pax

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Separatist Krehlo 111

This deck was our answer for all the shadowcasters deck in town. Sadly, i didn't play against any. but in general the deck felt very good and i had a lot of fun running this pairing.

sorry for my writing in english, i'm french.

Here are my match-up

Round 1: mirror match against another Separatist ( my teamate)

It started quick and both of us receive a bunch of damage first turn. he dropped a Umbaran Hover Tank but was not able to resolve the dice when ifor my part i dropped Vader's Fist turn 2. i finally won the game after both of us kill one of our caracter with nefarious deed. W

Round 2: Vader/greedo

I was scared about Fear and Dead Men and i played around it. First turn greedo was dead. At the end of round 2 vader had 1 hp left thanks to Vader's Fist and i close the game at the begenning of round 3. W

Round 3: snoke/rebel traitor/ Piet

My game against Jeff was not a good one for me and was my only lost. i lost the game round 1 when i decide to not drop my Vader's Fist to try to block i'm for his. Finally, after a disrupt 3 from me, he power action 3 ressources and play delve to play his Vader's Fist.

my intention behind this was to bet on my caracters but, after seing the results , it was a bad decision.

In this game , the cherry on top was me playing Sebulba Always Wins to scrap his Vader's Fist for finally let him play another one... L

Round 4: Yoda/Anakin/Cassion mill

one early drop of Umbaran Hover Tank and after that a Vader's Fist to give me the edge on the game. Nefarious Deed gave me the kill for yoda and my caracters dealt a lot of damage. W

Round 5: Shadow caster

One of my teamate again, but he dropped because he was leaving, the convention. W

Round 6: Leia/Lando mill

It was difficult for me to place some vehicule or support, but my caracters have done the job well and i finish leia with two #nefarious deed. Lando was the next after that for the win.

I'm happy the pairings work well. Sebulba has good dice and the superbattle droid is a ''machine''. He focus itself and it gave me a lot of damage combine with snoke.

MVP of the deck is for sure Vader's Fist but also [Nefarious Deed].(/card/07042). It was a good card that give me some kill. Handheld L-S1 Cannon was also a really good card that combine with superbattle droid for the ranged is always good.

what i would change for sure is systems gauge. Never played once in all my match-up and maybe separastist landing craft. i would put 2 delve (thanks to Jeff for the showing) and 1 more planetary.

Nefarious deed was there at the beginning for sebulba always win and for the shadowcasters and it work really well but my suprise was that even without someting to scrap, it offer you some kills.

thanks to all my opponents and see you next time!

Separatist union team


RebelTraitor 104

why super droid over Ciena?

Solsticejf 113

@RebelTraitor because it's trilogy ;)

tunewalker 52

Did you think about adding stock pile to use Sebulba's special with.

Separatist Krehlo 111

@tunewalker no, the special of sebulba is there only to be used with Sebulba Always Wins. For the ressources snoke do the job, stock pile takes way to much time. Alone , it's only a the third turn you get one ressources more when you play it alone and you don't want to use sebulba dice for this.

KingD21 2

You found Bitter Rivalry worth it and not a hindrance? I see the value of SBD's PA (free damage focus) but unsure if it's worth the penalty. Seems like you can get similar results with Executioner or did you feel you had too many range modifiers and 'needed' SBD? Either way, neat deck -- especially in a format where getting support hate is extremely difficult to do (for the big stuff)

Separatist Krehlo 111

with the tie fighter and the ls1-cannon i think the SBD is a better choice. It focus itself and has only 1 blank. Against mill it was very usefull and it match with my other ranged. So sometimes a +3 or +2 were on the table and after a PA with the SBD i can get a 3 or 4 damages on a character. sometimes i needed indirect for a PA with snoke so again it was usefull. The fact that a didn't need a card to reroll help me a lot. Is the executionner a bad choice ? i think not. it give you 1 hp more, that isn't bad and maybe 1 or 2 dice.

For the plot, i didn't see it like a problem. 27 hp is really good. i can get a SBD a 7hp or Sebulba with 7hp wich is better than a BD droid like with Aphra. One game someone dealt 2 to snoke and finally switch target for the SBD. For the draw, i tought playing against much more OTK so it was not a problem for me. i prefer to destroy a load up shadow caster.

After the event, i don't think the extra card from the plot was a problem but i know that in every game the SBD gave a lot of trouble to my opponent. Maybe i'm not seeing well the power of the executionner but i really liked playing the SBD with is PA.

Thanks for the comment!