QGJ/Yoda-TOP4 Czech Nationals

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larki 104

MVP cards:



Become One

Heightened Awareness

That first action Steadfast play is just awesome. Riposte is obvious. Become One can change those 2 sides you roll all the time into damage. Heightened Awareness for those surprise plays. Its basically 3 + 2-3 damage on average.

Other cards I thought about and could possibly be placed instead of Lightsaber Pull or Beguile:


Mind Trick

Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber

Defensive Teaching


Fresck 193

What do you think about synchronicity, my ally is the force and Close quarter?

jddykstraWTF 1

I would think defensive teaching would be huge in this. But I guess your tech is to try and resolve his shield sides for damage, so maybe not.

Crusader07 35

Did you face off against any Thrawn/Snoke decks and Vador decks ? How did it turn out ?

larki 104

@Fresck Synchronicity could be good, but maybe there would be too much out of hand dmg. Dont think CCQ is that good because its actually pretty difficult to roll dmg sides on QGJ dice :D

larki 104

@jddykstraWTF Defensive Teaching can be really good but I feel like its good in the long run and the games are pretty short these days.

larki 104

@Crusader07 Overall I got so far because I was pretty lucky :D I didnt face a single Vader. But I faced a Kylo deck which obviously destroys this. I run into one Thrawn/Snoke in the swiss and managed to win and faced another in the TOP4 which I lost 0-2. I also played twice against mill which is super lucky and a very good matchup.

DreWooo 1

Would become one mean work with qui gons ability

larki 104

@DreWoooYea. For exmaple you are showing 2 and 2 on QGJ dice and you have 2 shield on him. You play Become One and deal 6dmg with those dice. I really like that card in this deck.

mgoryan 1

@Crusader07 I played a couple of Thrawn/Snoke decks last night with this deck. The game is winnable, but you need to burst Thrawn down quick and pray you don't run into Vigilance. That card destroys Yoda - Wizened Master.