3rd Place Pax - Yoda Boushh

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Stephilmike 22

Description and write up incoming. Had a great time at Pax and competing against friendly and high quality players.


Stephilmike 22

This deck plays like most Yoda/Boushh decks in that you are looking for Double Dealing and Cunning in your opening hand. Force Speed is good but not required. Quickly, you will then want Backup Muscle or Armor Plating for the spot a villain card condition on Leia. I chose those villain cards for their low cost, spot ability, as well as their simplicity in dealing damage and protection. Grappling Boa was strongly considered but didn't make the cut, mostly because of the 2 cost. I tried the Crime Lord route but couldn't get it to fire well and the deck suffered,.. this version is definitely better imho.

The engine then needs your damage dealing card for the Yoda/Cunning special chain. Force Throw is invaluable with all of the Snoke/Thrawn action in the meta. Obi's Saber got bumped for the 2nd Force Throw. Force Wave is for the three-wide decks and the N1 Starfighter is for vehicles. The Lightbow is the universally good card that is deployable on either character. Vandalize was a last minute tech card for the decks that relied solely on one major vehicle (I'm looking at you Shadow Caster).

Pax was great and the Destiny community has the best players. Everyone I've played was friendly and welcoming.

MaimVoorhees 1

@Stephilmike Would you make any card changes after your finish? And no fifth villain card?