Focus to ranged (Tournament Winner)

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bpeters537 107

Took this deck to a small local standard tournament over weekend and was surprised the punch it had. A lot of focus in this deck, paired up with All In and Tactical Mastery for some surprise damage.

Count Dooku's Solar Sailer + Talzin's ability for a 2 focus, 2 resources or 2 shields every turn

Umbaran Hover Tank and Force Wave for the 3/4 wide decks

DH-17 Blaster Pistol and Energy Bow focus to the +2's

Rocket Launcher big ranged side, destroy vehicles

Round 1 - Rey2/Luke3 - Win

Round 2 - Lando2/Yoda - Win

Round 3 - Vader3/Nute - Win


aheintz 61

I have a version of this deck I've been loving, where I pull the hover tank just as you do. I have been rotating out which second vehicle to include... major props for Dooku's sailer. Hadn't considered it, could be super effective. Nice. Thanks!

chazz 67

I'm surprised you're not running any mods to get the most out of the hover tank. Thoughts?

chinovalley 316

With all those double blank dice, seems like Anger would be a great card in this deck, especially against Vader3 decks.

stranglebat 768

I made a similar deck recently and when running AR i found it great to run 1 of Skyhopper with dorsal turrets as well as a single system gauge.

It allowed for a lot of flexibility acting as either an early agression tool (AR -> free Hopper - pay 1 for Dorsal turret which is basically a fetchable DH-17 that gives you 2 goes when you play it) or allows you control in some matches by doing the same combo and gives you 1 extra remove damage for 1 card every round

bpeters537 107

@chazz Mods may have a place in the deck, like Dorsal Turret and Systems Gauge, will have to test it out

bpeters537 107

@chinovalley Anger should be really good. Only negative is that it is a even costed card

chinovalley 316

That's the downside of Talzin, it can really restrict the synergy of the deck and push up its overall resource cost. When I play Talzin I generally don't focus on her ability so much and use it more defensively than offensively, preferably with Crystal Ball to get a peak at a deck first before firing off her ability.