Blanks Galore!

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Mr. Dinkleman 7

The goal is to get as many supports with indirect damage out as soon as possible with this. When the opponent first sees the Gungans they may think that you need to keep Boss Nass, but your more important one is Jar Jar because his re-rolls typically only hurt the enemy and not you. If your enemy rolls a lot of damage you can make them re-roll it all with Jar Jar. If you roll everyone else first and get what you want then you just use those dice, but if not then you use Jar Jar to potentially re-roll them. You'll usually want resources from them in the beginning (or you can go for indirect or shields). And if they think they can slow you down by using an action to make you roll Jar Jar then they essentially took a turn to potentially hurt themselves and make themselves re-roll just to possibly make you re-roll a few dice. Then if you have too many blanks you can use Improvisation or Dumb Luck to re-roll them. With Medical center you won't have to worry about losing the opportunity to take the battlefield and you'll nearly always be able to play the Lookout Post and use Mortar Team's ability. If you do manage to finish everything first then you get to make your guys last longer! Usually after 2 rounds you can start flooding the opponent with indirect damage. Once you've weakened the opposing characters a bit you can start doing a ton of direct damage with On The Mark and Mortar Team to finish them off. You'll want to start with the lower cost supports, respected businessman, and XS Stock freighter to get alot additional resources early.

Watch your enemy collapse in agony as they wonder how they lost to Jar Jar and the Gungan army!!!

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