Double Down Sabine

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lengelmp 1009


Crusader07 35

I'm not sure you can use Grand Entrance along Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert ability, if that's the plan with your deck.

Fittsmoney 1

@Crusader07 you can use Grand entrance with Sabine

r3b3l1 2

@Crusader07 you can absolutely use Grand Entrance with Sabine. Her ability says "before you activate" and the card says "Activate". The ability triggers before the card is played because you are activating her by playing the card.

Namedink 142

Ya but you would need 3 money 2 for the gun 1 for the Grand

Namedink 142

Maybe add a DH-17?

Colemunrochitty 1

@Namedink 2 Maz’s Vault and 2 Truce

outro 151

Sabine decks are huge resource hogs (one of the reasons I usually don't play with my own). Seriously doubt you'll get anywhere with this set up as you're adding yet another way to consume resources for a chance of 0TK (a solo Sabine is perfectly capable of it well piloted, no meta queen anymore tough)... Do get us posted tough.

GregtheBiz 367

@Namedink Sabine can also pull the gun from the discard pile and overwrite one of her existing guns if she doesn't have the money for an additional weapon.

outro 151

That is true, but you still have 8 3-cost events and 3 2-cost events. It just seems gimmicky and way more trouble than it is worth taking in account Sabine works wonders alone and is fast as hell. The only real issue with Sabine is her health as it always was have been. Just my 2c.

CaliberNick 7

You could also Hit and Run the pilot, Use Ambush to Activate Sabine doing Sabine Shenanigans, and then have ambush to resolve dice.

I also like the idea of playing a Clone Commander Cody - Loyal Strategist, Biggs Darklighter - Rebellion Ace, or another Red Unique Character for 9 or less, instead of a rookie pilot/double down. Then you can play Leadership and do Sabine Shenanigans twice in one round.

Mitchilich 15

Question: How do you have 3 of any one card in this deck? I thought you could only have two of any card.

Mitchilich 15

Nevermind... I saw Double Down,,,