Chicago Regionals 2018 | Top 8 | Han/Biggs | Loth-Wolf Pack

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Luke’s Dead Friends... spoiler alert! 16 11 21 1.0
Inspiration for
Millenium Falc-Han (Top 1 at my 2players Home Tournament !) 0 1 1 1.0
BigHan 2nd Place Regional Moss, Norway 4 2 1 1.0
Han Biggs Falcon Trilogy 1 1 2 1.0

BDimmJimm 80

R1 W vs Boss Nass, Jar Jar Binks, Gungan, Gungan & Double Down: Focused Down Nass before going after Binks and the Gungans. Really cool deck based around Planetary Uprising and indirect damage. Was a dog fight until the end, but managed to barely get the Win.

R2 W vs eJyn2 & eCassian: Great Jyn Cassian build made by I Rebel. Decided to put pressure on Cassian first to take away the second chances and spot yellow cards. Was able to gun down Jyn a bit later. Jumps and Retreat played a big role in this game. I took a good amount of damage but held on for the win.

R3 L vs eThrawn & eSnoke: First loss of the day. Sadly, he dropped a Grand Moff fist round. I was able to burst kill Snoke relatively quick, however he was controlling my hand and was able to get out the Fist and an AT-ST. It was game over.

R4 W vs eL3, Lando2, & Rookie Pilot: I was able to go fast and kill L3 before he could drop a vehicle. Melted the rookie pilot soon after and dealt with Lando last. My decks activation mechanic caught him off guard. He was unable to keep up with the speed of my deck and the hyperspace jumps.

R5 W vs eYoda & eLeia3: Probably my most one sided game of the day. I was dominating the damage race, rolling pure fire, had the falcon with multiple mods, & he was rolling like shit. Between hit & runs, retreat, & hyperspace jump I was just to hard to deal with. I killed Leia within 2 turns. So it was Yoda doing his best to stop a fully loaded Falcon, Han and Biggs. I got the win.

R6 W vs eQui-Gon2 & eYoda: Tons of damage and mitigation thrown both ways. It ended up where Qui-Gon and Biggs were dead. I was discarding cards left and right to pump in damage. He was shielding up. He almost had me milled out. He mis-sequenced a Yoda special on a shield that he didn't need and that led to my win.

R7 W eThrawn & eSnoke: This was the best game of the day. I played my fellow Loth-Wolf Pack member Chris who was also 6-1 at the time and finished top 8 as well. He had his ties down quickly. I had the falcon with 2 mods. I was able to pump enough damage over a few turns to kill Thrawn. He got out an AT-ST and blew up my Falcon. Luckily drew my second copy the following turn. He killed Biggs. I had enough money to drop the falcon and mitigate his dice. A few rounds go by and we both took each other to 10 of 11 damage. Due to my decks speed I was able to control the tempo and keep the pressure on him to react. Barley got the Win in what was an epic nail biter.

Finished 6-1 with the 5 seed out of 64 players. I was overjoyed. However I got destroyed by eThrawn & eSnoke in the first round of the top 8. Overall this deck rules. It’s fast. Has good mitigation & is a blast to play with all its little tricks.

What would I do differently?

I would work in 2 partnerships. Getting rid of Improvised Defense and Field Medic. With the amount of money I was making they would basically function as 2 additional hit and runs. I’d also try getting in 1 more retreat.


Bigulf 736

Gratz on the great result, I have made a few tweaks to my original Luke’s Dead Friends to keep up with the meta, and I like some of the changes you have made. This is one of 3 decks I am taking to AZ regional this weekend.

Bigulf 736

In your 9 games, how many times did you not drop a turn 1 Falcon, and how many games was your Falcon blown up?

BDimmJimm 80

I would have to say that I got the falcon down turn one 85% of the time. I would mulligan hard for a truce to ensure I could still get it down if I didn’t win the battle field. Having Theed was such a huge advantage. Free dollar then Spot han to take another action and roll in the squad. It was only taken off of the board once by my opponents. With Thrawn Snoke getting out AT-ST and me not having mitigation. As you know we are so fast that we try to burst damage and jump or burst damage and retreat. However I only won the match where it was blown up because I had put in a second copy of the falcon.

Bigulf 736

I am trying Scavenge, that was if they Blow it up you grab it back, and in matchups that don’t threaten the Falcon I can Scavenge for upgrades.

Intellectx 98

Did you consider defensive position?

Destiny Deck Analysis 224

Would you be interested in doing an online interview for an article on Destiny Deck Analysis?

BDimmJimm 80

Yes, I can absolutely do an online interview for you!

Destiny Deck Analysis 224

Excellent! If you wouldn't mind sending an email to so I can provide more details over email that would be perfect.