NC Regionals 2018 | 2nd Place | Han3/Yoda | Yolo

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None. Self-made deck here.
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2nd Place SD Regional - J'Potle - Yoda Han3 Double Down 4 2 2 1.0

DjBigRuss 161

8-2 overall record (11-4 in games). Detailed write up can be found here.


Big_Campy 372

Nice work! Double Down is a great plot. Look forward to reading the article.

GregtheBiz 391

Oppressive to say the least! We had some great matches!! 3 Hyperspace Jump was Brutal. Congrats!

coleformayor 65

Glad my loss could propel you to the final table! Best player in NC.

Ramin2-D2 544

@djbigruss was 3x Force Speed really worth it?

DjBigRuss 161

@Big_Campy Thanks, I almost played your list this weekend. Double Down is very good.

@dustin13862 Great games man, you piloted that deck very well. Congrats!

@coleformayor Thanks man, unfortunate that we had to play so early. Vandalize saved my butt that game.

@Ramin2-D2 I'll have more to say in my recap, but I really wanted Force Speed in my opening hand, it was crucial to setting up some early game plays.

Bigulf 819

I played the same char pairing in AZ regional. I loved the list and in testing it did extremely well. In 5 games in Swiss, Yoda died 2 times turn 1, and twice on my opponent’s second action turn 2. What would you say is your best plan on keeping Yoda alive long enough to make a difference?

DjBigRuss 161

@BigulfIt is really difficult to keep Yoda alive. Many games I lost the opening roll, and was able to give Yoda 2 extra health with the shields, but the key is really making sure to have at least 1 mitigation card in your opener. One of the big reasons I ran 3 Hyperspace Jumps was to get out of situations when my opponents rolled really well in rounds 2 and beyond to keep Yoda alive as long as possible.

the BEAST 1098

Did you test Overconfidence and Indifferent?

DjBigRuss 161

@the BEASTI could see replacing Deflect and Hasty Exit with 2 Indifferent. Yoda is usually the first to go, so that would make a lot of sense.

jaka92 1

@DjBigRussHey, since I only have 2x Force Speed and 2x Hyperspace Jump, are there any other cards that you'd use with Double Down?

DjBigRuss 161

@jaka92Sorry for the late reply. A 3rd Force Throw, Second Chance, and Easy Pickings are all good options as well.