eDj/eSnoke (2nd Place AZ Regionals)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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eDj/eSnoke Top 8 at Perth Regionals (18 Players) 4-1 swiss 6 3 3 1.0

Ezrian 10

Fun deck, been playing with DJ for awhile. Some changes need to be made. 4-1 Swiss lost to Vader in Swiss and the finals.


Ramin2-D2 525

what dice side were you most commonly "snoking" ?

Ezrian 10

To be honest I think all of DJ's side are perfect depending on the situation, but I most commonly did it on damage and resources.

chinovalley 316

Well played and congrats on your 2nd place finish in the AZ Regionals. We didn't get to play against each other (I had the Lando2/Wedge deck) but it would have been a fun match had it happened. We had a nice spread of decks in this tournament.

Shoorisa 1

What changes would you make to this deck?

Ezrian 10

Made some quick changes, not sure how they will work out. Maybe go with Deja Vu and ways to do damage from hand like Reversal and Wanton Destruction. I haven't really thought too much about it yet. Any changes will be to counter Vader.

Destry210 655

Force Throw would be great against Vader and it works with DJ - Treacherous Rogue ability. Maybe play it with Sith Holocron and play Force Rend, Force Push and Force Lift. If you play Force Push with the Sith Holocron, It Will All Be Mine becomes interesting when your opponent does not have any other card in his hand to reroll. You could also play Delve or Friends in High Places to get Vader's Fist in play fast.