Corellian Speed (Surpising Top 4 finish NH Regional)

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Lusiphur 17

After an abysmal showing at PAX Unplugged with Vader/Greedo I decided to give this deck a try at the NH regional and just try to have fun in a regional that would feature some really good players and made a surprising run to the top 4.

Round 1: eDJ/Qi'ra - Opponent meant to play with an elite Val instead of Qi'ra but forgot his Val die and settled on single die Qi'ra. My dice rolled well and I was able to outpace his removal for a 1-0

Round 2: eCassian/eJyn Mill - Weirdest match of the day against someone whom I play at my FLGS, his mill deck with no upgrades out aggro'd my aggro deck. 1-1

Round 3: eYoda/eLeia Boussh - Dice go hot again while his are cold and fit right into my mitigation package, quick Leia death and then mop up Yoda. 2-1

Round 4: eDJ/eNute/Blockade deck - Winning the battlefield roll allowed me to negate his nute/blockade combo and the speed of my damage avoided his removal. 3-1

Round 5: eKylo/eWulf - Scary moment here, but he only managed to hit one Kylo activation and some bait and switch shenanigans at the start of round 3 took out his Kylo allowing me to cruise to the win 4-1

Round 6: eYoda/eLeia - Win and I get in the top 8 and lose, and I most likely only get top 16 since my first round opponent was 0-5 at this point, and I go up against the person I was practicing with the night before. He gets the worst opening hand possible and my dice are on fire for the win and a 5-1 record. Fortunately I don't have to feel bad about beating my ride to the event as he gets one of the two 4-2 spots in the top 8.

For the swiss rounds, Bait and Switch and Quick Draw with Ambush weapons and Qi'Ra - Street Savvy two resource sides were the MVPs as the deck was Fast allowing me to claim and abuse the Theed Royal Palace - Naboo resource/free action to start.

Top 8: eLando/eWedge - My first cut ever and I get matched up versus Joe Colon of the Hyperloops. Eeeek. Fortunately I built my deck expecting a vehicle meta (even though there were none versus me in swiss) and the EMP Grenades and Hijack came up big. Match 1 Joe took after I used the Emp grenades too early on a Resistance Crait Speeder. He then got his Falcon 2 combo out and overwhelmed me with Indirect for a match 1 loss. Match 2 and 3 kind of blur together for me, but I got Emp Grenades early in both matches, hit a few of the disrupt to hamper his resource generation and the got the vehicle removal when I needed it off fast hands. I was also able to hijack his N-1 Starfighter one round and get a natural roll on the special stopping him from activating his vehicle for one turn. I got the damage I needed despite missing play my bait and switch multiple times to get the wins on the back of the EMP Grenades.

Top 4: eVader/Bazine - And the Aggro race was on, unfortunately not only did he get the damage he needed from Vader, he was able to maximize Bazine's special hitting it for 3 damage on 3 occasions in the two matches for the 0-2 loss.


whozeppelin224 15

congrats on the finish! any changes you would make?

Lusiphur 17

@whozeppelin224 Only change I have made so far is to drop Cunning and replace it with Drop In for now. I haven't played it much since the change to know if that was a good choice yet or not.