ePalpatine (4-2 Utah Regionals)

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mamonushi 139

Played this at the Utah regionals today. Went 4-2. Didn't top 8 due only to strength of schedule (was placed 10th). The only players I lost to were in the top 8.

Game 1 (Win): Grand Inquisitor/Kylo Ren Game 2 (Win): eVader/Greedo Game 3 (Loss): eVader/Greedo Game 4 (Win): eYoda/eLeia (Boushh) Game 5 (Win): Han/Qui'ra Game 6 (Loss): Han/Qui'ra

As you can see, it went toe-to-toe with several strong meta decks. I find the Vader match-up to be favorable for me, due to the sheer damage output of Palpatine. You can usually kill Greedo in round 2 (before they play The Price of Failure), and Vader in turn 3. Did 10 damage to Vader in a single shot to finish the first game off.

eYoda/eLeia was also very straightforward. Your damage will be spread early, which sets up strong surprise plays to kill one of their characters. Leia is the damage dealer, but go for Yoda if they have second chance on Leia.

Han/Qui'ra is a rough match-up due to the sheer amount of removal at it's disposal. Resolve Palpatine's dice as possible. Endurance is very valuable in this match-up.

Tips: Force Speedspecial and Swiftness are really strong to chain into cards that manipulate your dice (You Were My Friend, Triple Threat). This combination can often lead to resolving both Palpatine dice showing damage. Between Indomitable, Force Illusion, and Witch Magick, you have a lot of unforeseen survivability. Use these to mitigate large portions of their damage. You usually won't play on your battlefield. If, by chance, you do, you basically get free removal every round. If you don't, many opponents are using Theed Palace. Palpatine can frequently claim before his opponents, and will have time to use Theed Palace to his advantage anyway. Finally, the bulk of the deck is good in nearly any circumstance. Don't feel too bad about discarding to re-roll or mulligan to get Force Speed early.


staylor598 451

Great deck and well played!

MaimVoorhees 1

I really hope there is a reprint and this card and deck idea don’t die at rotation.

BiLong 1

Great list. Have you tried with powerful 3-cost events like Snare and It will all be mine?

Hessian Sack 1325

Well done! I really like this, and might try it in TTS if I get time :)

Orffme 57

Good job! I got 20th. I wish I could have played you.

tearlesskingpy 20

have you consider playing Double Down as your plot ? you could play 3 Force illusion and 3 witch magick for example

Jason_SWGuy 104

@tearlesskingpy that doesn't work, since Double Down is Yellow.

I was your 2nd round opponent, playing Vader/Greedo. Great playing you, glad someone did well with Palp1 before rotation!

Great event. We had 5 drive in from Boise and crashed with the guys from CO too. Hope to see some of you again for the regional in Idaho.

MonksGamingBattlefield 319

I'm so proud of you right now!! :)

moicanorj 21

The only card that is strange in my eyes is Bardottan Sphere , you really think this card is needed?

2disrupt 15

Why no Resilient? Won't they keep removing your dice?

mamonushi 139

@moicanorj, the Bardottan Spheres filled a specific niche. In early drafts of the deck, I was finding myself wanting just another resource or two occasionally. The spheres maintained the odd cost theme, could provide resources, and could provide damage as well. I agree it is one of the weaker cards.

@2disrupt, Resilient would be a reasonable include and would help the Han/Qui'ra matchup, but I usually find my upgrade slots full and didn't want to deviate too far from the odd theme to keep witch magick very strong.

mamonushi 139

@Jason_SWGuy I am hoping to come to the Idaho event. I haven't decided yet if I'll play a new iteration of Palpatine or something else entirely.

jaime_sinclair 10

Beautiful deck, congrats on bringing the Emperor back!

TheWhiteCitadel 1

This deck makes all kind of sense. Love the play style. Glad to see Across the Galaxy made Palpatine competive again! I may keep a similar deck around for fun infinite formats. Thanks and congrats!

tearlesskingpy 20

I build the deck and it works pretty well :D but i cut the bardottan sphere to add 2x Rend :P many people play R2 astromech at my store so :P

mamonushi 139

@tearlesskingpyGlad you like it. It is a blast to play. I agree with cutting Bardottan in favor of better things.