1st place Utah Regional winner Vader/Greedo

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ElvenArcher21 40

I built this deck mostly to test against, but when I couldn't get any of my other decks to beat this one I decided my best bet was to use this. Some ideas are obviously inspired by other Vader/Greedo builds, but I adjusted it to my own style of play and my own collection.

I went 5-1 in Swiss, and was undefeated in single elimination top cut.

First round was a bye from a store championship 1-0

Round 2 (win 2-0) was a mirror match that was one of my favorite games on the day. It was back and forth the whole time until I was able to use Bait and Switch to turn to lethal damage for the win.

Round 3 (win 3-0) was against a scary e Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot/ Snoke - Supreme Leader. I won the roll off and took my battlefield and my first play was Abandon All Hope which stopped him from Quick Drawing ambush weapons on Aura. I then proceeded to roll out good damage, followed by The Price of Failure and roll out more damage. I killed Aura early the second round, and Snoke couldn't stand up to Vader on his own.

Round 4 (win 4-0) Was against Cassian Andor - Rebellion Operative/ Jyn Erso - Daring Infiltrator, and he did pretty well at removing some of my damage, but couldn't dish it back. I put out a Vader's Fist without Friends in High Places and he couldn't remove enough.

Round 5 (loss 4-1) Against Han Solo - Independent Hotshot/ Qi'Ra - Street Savvy. I was doing really well dealing the damage to him, and a discard side on Darksaber, got rid of both of his Double-Cross cards. I already killed Qi'ra, but he was able to get 11 damage on my Vader after I had already used The Price of Failure. The next round I rolled out ridiculous damage including the 4 melee for 1 resource, and some modifiers that I think might have been lethal damage to his Han, but he used Wanton Destruction to finish me off.

Round 6 (win 5-1) was another mirror match where Friends in High Places and insane damage rolling gave me the win. I finished in second place after Swiss with my only loss to the guy who was first.

For top cut we did single elimination rounds so those who had a long way to get home could get out sooner. In top 8 I had a re-mirror-match against my round 6 opponent. My dice were on fire for all of the top rounds and my opponent couldn't keep up so I won.

In top 4 I faced a DJ - Treacherous Rogue/ Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch deck that was pretty scary. I had seen his deck use Coercion to freeze out Vader/Greedo for entire turns, so I was worried. I had The Price of Failure in my starting hand, so I first activated Vader so if he made me play it I would at least get the reset out of it. He didn't have it, so I used it myself and then added Maul's Lightsaber for the second activation and did a fair amount of damage to Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch. Next round No Good To Me Dead gave me resources to add Darth Vader's Lightsaber and I rolled out showing ten damage, and he had no removal to stop me. So I did the ten damage to plus the one extra from Darth Vader's Lightsaber to kill DJ - Treacherous Rogue in one shot. I was able to finish off Talzin pretty easily after that.

Championship Game. This was another mirror match against a great player. My dice were on fire again, and first round I used Friends in High Places to pull a Darth Vader's Lightsaber, and did 7 damage to kill Greedo with Vader, then I activated greedo and did 1 damage. The Price of Failure rolled greedo out for another 2 damage, and reset Vader. Vader did another ton of damage complete with using vader's saber to roll out another Vader dice. My opponent was able to do some damage to my vader over the next couple rounds, and I kept hitting him. I got a Darksaber onto Vader with a second Friends in High Places, and next round I rolled out ten damage on activation. He had no removal and His Vader fell.

It was a great day with a lot of stiff competition, and great players from all over. MVP cards other than the usual Friends in High Places and such, were Abandon All Hope, No Good To Me Dead, and Triple Threat. I never got a chance to play Fear and Dead Men, or Disable, but I don't think I would take them out. I had a lot of fun playing this deck, and I just kept rolling extremely lucky. I didn't have any Force Speed, or Ancient Lightsaber, but I'm not sure if I would even put them in if I had, because this worked so well as it is.

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