eDJ/eTalzin - Utah Regionals 4th place

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LaoShiMahan 41

This is a deck that I ran over the weekend at the Salt Lake Regional Tournament at Paragon City Games. I took 4th out of just over 30 people. The attendance was a good mix of casual and competitive players and took place on Saturday the 5th. Because enough people showed up to do 6 rounds of Swiss before the top 8 cut, they also made the call to do best of 1 in the top 8 from the beginning.

The idea is pretty simple. Mulligan for Streetwise and Déjà Vu and proceed to remove all of their dice. My decklist forewent potentially better cards to have all odd costing cards (except Déjà Vu) because as a player I value the consistency of Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch, Rift Valley - Dathomir, and Witch Magick over potentially more blowout cards.

Match 1 => eQui-Gon/eEzra/Double Down

This was a long and tedious first match that I didn't know how to approach. He rolled in at least one Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief special every turn somehow and really made it hard to spend my money effectively. He also got 3 early Shoto Lightsaber on Qui-Gon Jinn - Defiant Jedi Master, giving him 3 shields per turn just for activating, which was able to absorb a ton of indirect from DJ - Treacherous Rogue. That and some misplays on my part cost me the first match of the day.

Record 0W-1L

Match 2 => ePiett/TIE Pilot/Guavian Enforcer/Double Down

Since I lost the first match I was at the bottom of the rankings. This was an interesting match in that he got 5 TIE Fighter out by turn 2, but a turn one Energy Bow into rolling fire killed Firmus Piett - Ambitious Admiral on the first turn and there was little resistance afterwards.

Record 1W-1L

Match 3 => eBeckett/eMithel/Armored Reinforcement

This was an interesting match in that between the Tobias Beckett - Thief For Hire Power Actions, Truce that my opponent played, and rolling , I had more money than I knew what to do with. That is until I got double down out, healed for 15 from 3 Witch Magick, and resolved a Déjà Vu'ed Reversal for 10 damage (4, 4 and 2 from DJ - Treacherous Rogue)to close out the game.

Record 2W-1L

Match 4 => eVader/Greedo

This was the long awaited match of the day and I was starting to work my way back up in the rankings. This was the closest match of the entire day and it was very back and forth. Despite a turn 1 Vader's Fist I was able to kill Greedo - Unlucky Mercenary and use Coercion to find a timely Respite that bought me enough time to Reversal a 4 from Vader's Fist for the kill on Darth Vader - Terror To Behold.

Record 3W-1L

Match 5 => eCienna/eBeckett/Armored Reinforcement

I got super lucky in this match and pulled a first turn Coercion for his Entangle after winning the battlefield for the first time that day. That let me get set up with an Energy Bow before rolling out and prevented a first turn Firespray-31, which led to a really quick ending.

Record 4W-1L

Match 6 => eQui'Ra/eHan/No Allegiance

By now I was feeling really good, really lucky, and super close to making the top 8 cut. I was paired with the only 5-0, who was my buddy from the group in Idaho that I came down with. Coercion hit Entangle again when Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch was nearly dead, and because he decided to pass and wait for me to roll out, I was able to double Witch Magick up to nearly full health and pulled out ahead in tempo.

Record 5W-1L

That concluded the 6 rounds of Swiss and I was in 3rd place heading into the top 8.

Top 8 Match => eDJ/eTalzin/Double Down

I was glad to see the only other DJ/Talzin in the top 8 with me, but was sad that we were paired together because it meant that only 1 of us was moving on. Her deck was very different from mine and had Chance Cube, Sith Holocron, Entangle, Salvage Stand, and 3x Overconfidence. Luck was with me in this match on all sides. I started with all 3 Streetwise in my opening hand (the dream) and proceeded to roll fire while she rolled mostly blanks. That and the inconsistency of the even cards in her deck (a Witch Magick for 1 heal and several failed Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch and Rift Valley - Dathomir triggers) led to my fastest win of the night and pushed me into the top 4.

Top 4 Match => eVader/Greedo

This was the most disappointing match of the night. Turn one Friends in High Places brought out Vader's Fist for free (it "rolled" out 3x3 damage), The Price of Failure readied Vader after he gained 4 resources, I only had 1 removal card, and Darth Vader - Terror To Behold rolled in 10 damage plus 1 from Darth Vader's Lightsaber to deal all 20 of my health in 1 turn, putting an end to my winning streak and to the tournament for the night.

I was really happy with the result of the tournament, especially since I've only been playing for a few months and borrowed the cards for this deck from a friend. In the future I would probably make a few changes to the deck based on the games I played and the practice that this tournament gave me.

First, I would put Crystal Ball back in for Dark Counsel. We played Dark Counsel because of the card draw potential, but I missed the knowledge that Crystal Ball gave me so I could plan ahead on when on Rift Valley - Dathomir and potentially turn opponent's dice with confidence if needed.

Feel Your Anger felt very much like a win more card and I would probably look to replace it with another 1 cost yellow removal (such as By Any Means since the dice I was most afraid of were 2+ and there weren't a ton of floating around).

Other options I considered were On The Hunt, Improvised Defense, and Vandalize.

Mind Trick, Entangle, and Hidden Blaster were all cards that were also heavily considered, but passed up for my preference of consistency with the odd numbers, and I would even consider removing the single Déjà Vu for 100%.

Coercion, Streetwise, and Witch Magick were the cards that carried the day for me.

I had a ton of fun, thought Paragon City Games ran a good tournament, and played against a lot of great people! I hope to see some people try this build out or similar in the future!


stranglebat 768

I took DJ Snoke to my regional in Perth and hit top 8. Was great vs Vader and Shadow Caster but i got pipped by anyone running Salvage Stand and action cheats (AKA Cad Snoke BR beat me as well as Boba Phasma)

I like this build because of the streetwise getting around the salvage stand issue :)

Good job

Stormclad 1

@laoshimahan Congratulations on your run in Utah. Can you walk me through your reasoning for running lure in the deck? Sorry, not sure how to link cards.

LaoShiMahan 41

Lure (throw a # in front of the card name to reference it) was originally put in the deck for the Snoke/Thrawn matchup. I had a problem where they could sit back and discard my key cards with Thrawn - Master Strategist (guess 1 and you can get one of my cards 100% of the time) so I threw it in to force their dice out and immediately remove them with the ambush action. It worked better than I thought it would and then as I played it more I found I could do things like activate characters for less than favored activation abilities (Hit and Run/Drop In/etc.) and activate characters before they could play upgrades on their characters. I debated removing it entirely with Snoke/Thrawn taking a hit, but I loved it enough to keep it a one of. One of my matches we went into the last turn and my opponent had one health left on his characters so I first action played lure and removed his die with ambush for the win before he could take an action. All that being said, it is a card that fits my play style and is not likely for everyone. Most of the time if I don’t use it on the turn I draw it it either goes toward a reroll or is pitched for other cards. . I don’t often hold onto it for multiple turns. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

LaoShiMahan 41

@Stormclad sorry I forgot to tag you

stranglebat 768

Lure doesn't work like that with thrawn, It would activate thrawn and put his trigger in the queue. Additional actions have to wait until the effect resolves and any triggers in the queue clear before they can be taken.

All other applications especially the roll in and remove seem super solid however :)

stranglebat 768

@Stormclad to link cards put # in front of the card name so #lure would link Lure

LaoShiMahan 41

@stranglebat Very true, though I would typically roll out Snoke and remove his dice. . Still not ideal but it gave me something to do, especially if I only had 1 removal card in hand haha. It depended a lot on what else was in hand, resources, etc.

LaoShiMahan 41

There are also times when you can roll them out when they have no money to put force cube back in their hand, and on occasion with Talzin you can roll her out and reveal the top card of their deck to blank a die. . A bunch of situational things but I’ve enjoyed looking for opportunities to mess with my opponent.

stranglebat 768

@LaoShiMahan Oh yes makes sense that way, The chance cube interaction is also very relevant! In trilogy i have played around with Rebel Traitor a lot so i can appreciate the effect :)

Stormclad 1

@LaoShiMahan @stranglebat Thanks for the info! That makes sense. I wonder how prevalent Thrawn/Snoke will be with the nerf.

bookchair 1

Fantastic write up, thanks for taking the time! Congrats!

bookchair 1

@LaoShiMahan How'd you feel about ripping force illusion and force throw out? Did you get force throw down much or do you struggle to find the resources?

LaoShiMahan 41



This link has the reports from the regional tournaments and I didn't see a single Thrawn/Snoke there after the RRG dropped. So based on that it seems like not very.

@bookchair Your welcome and thank you!

Force Illusion can put in a huge amount of work but its also not removal so I think I could part with it. I'll be testing for future tournaments with and without it.

Force Throw usually comes out when I have some breathing room and is definitely a late game card played after I get some streetwise down and am able to save some money. It puts in work when its out, like a reversal on a stick, and it can be reliable with Talzin. Downside is that is is choreographed and can be removed, turned, or rerolled. It also comes at a significant tempo loss on the turn it comes out.

I got it out in only 1 of my games at the tournament and had it in my hand in my top 4 match. Game 1, which I lost, I only resolved the die once by the time it was down. The top 4 match against Vader, I might have survived a bit longer had Force Throw been some removal instead (There might be something to that). All of the other times I saw it I didn't have the resources to put it down and use the removal I wanted on the same turn. I will be practicing with and without it as well to see if anything changes.

TLDR I will be testing things to possibly replace both Force Illusion and Force Throw

staylor598 451

Your buddy was my top 8 matchup (he played Han/Qi'Ra), he was telling me about how you picked the deck up kind of last minute and that you were rather new. Awesome job at the event. I didn't get a chance to play against you, but your buddy I played was a super nice guy. Thanks for joining us in Utah. I hope to make it to the Idaho regional (weather pending).

EvilMedicalSchool 1

Im still new to the game and was noticing some cards there are 3 of when i thought the most a deck could have was 2, unless it says otherwise like tie fighter. Is this just a typo or am i missing something?

stranglebat 768

@Headley the double down plot allows you to have 1 extra of up to be different cards

Namedink 166