eDj/eSnoke Top 8 at Perth Regionals (18 Players) 4-1 swiss

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eDj/eSnoke (2nd Place AZ Regionals) 4 1 6 1.0
Inspiration for
DJ Snoke - 1st Place South Australian Regional 18 14 3 1.0

stranglebat 769

This deck was made to combat an expected meta of Vader, Jyn, mill, and Shadow Caster.

Round 1 Vs eLuke3/eFisto/Solidarity Win 1-0

This type of Fair deck will always have a poor match up to heavy control, early salvage stands made it that much harder.

Round 2 Vs eVader3/eGreedo Win 2-0

Deck performed well here dropping Vader early round 3 and toughed it out with a combination of illusion and removing the vader saber and ancient.

Round 3 Vs eLeia3/eYoda Win 3-0

Salvage stand while keeping a chance cube around makes paying for the Leia special easier as you can re-roll and sap it away right after paying it off. But this deck takes care of wide special rolls well at any rate with In The Crosshairs and Entangle really punishing them.

Round 4 Vs eVader3/Greedo Win 4-0

This Vader (piloted by Blake the 2 time Aussie national champ) run into a weird opening hand. With no upgrade and only friends in high places to get something going. I got aggressive with my resources and got a r1 fist down and from then on kept pumping dj ranged into 4 damage with snoke. Getting aggressive force vader to resolve 2 shields around 5 times which limited his ability to kill me with just a vaders saber. There was a round 1 price of failure but the early round mitigation stopped him from 1 shotting dj.

Round 5 Vs eBoba/ePhasma2 Loss 4-1

This Deck was piloted by my wife who went on to place second losing only in the finals (Proud of you :) ). This match was on stream and i will update with the youtube link when it is available. Basically the counter to this deck is salvage stand and action cheats which this deck has both of. Still ended up being very tight with phasma being left alive on 2 life by games end.

Top 8 Vs Cad/Snoke/Bitter Rivalry Loss 0-2

This deck like the previous was also an action cheaty deck with salvage stand. Despite cad being a bit of a dog to vader decks he had my number here. Close games both with cad being killed in game 1 but the stand stopping just enough removal to edge me out and game 2 also seeing early stands to do the same again.

Going forward i would definately play this deck looking at the fields from US nationals and maybe make some minor changes to get some more 1 cost removal in their to counteract the damage stand does to your economy. Alternatively streetwise might be a very nice way to circumvent this. Going down that path i would definately look at adding more yellow and deja vu!


Deztiny 1

Very intrigued by the decklist Boba/Phasma...

stranglebat 769

@Deztiny got the wifes permission and did a write up for her so here ya go


Deztiny 1

@stranglebat thank you very much!