Team Fancy Hats - Perth Regional 2nd place ( 5-0 in swiss)

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stranglebat 769

My wife and I share our db account and since there has been interest, I got her permission to publish her Boba/Phasma that made it to the finals of Perth regionals while going undefeated in swiss.

She likes agressive red yellow gun lists and Boba is well positioned in the current big side meta.

Round 1 - eQuigon2/eYoda/Bitter Rivalry win 1-0

She focused quigon hard to negate his ability and keep his sheilds low. Dug in comboed into best defense well and took away a lot of quigon dice to keep pressure on and shields off.

Round 2 - eVader3/Greedo win 2-0

Vader didnt roll too well and he got bursted down off tactical mastery and quick draw. Salvage stand did work keeping him from affording weapons and the 4 side.

Round 3 - eCad/eSnoke/Bitter Rivalry win 3-0

Bitter rivalry on Cad put the pressure on immediately and cads paid sides struggled with salvage stand doing work. he killed boba but phasma wins in the trade off match

Round 4 - eYoda/Cassian/Rookie Pilot win 4-0

This player took second at the australian nationals with the same deck and eventually won this regional. Its a real grindy deck with some super disruption. Early salavage stand mvp and resolving disrupts kept him off any board state.

Round 5 - eDj/eSnoke Win 5-0

I was her opponent for this match, stream link below. Was a super tight match DJ was killed in an early round but back up muscle finsihed boba soon after. I can say as her opponent that she played well and salavage stand really squeezed me from dropping a fist.

Top 8 -eVader3/Greedo 2-0 win

This one was also on stream and i will link later. The same logic as the first Vader match prevailed and there was one point where vader rolled a 4 into 2 boba specials. He died.

Top 4 -eCad/eSnoke/BR 2-1 win Rematch

She lost game one where the trade happened before redeploy was in her favour and focus on snoke sealed it out. The next game was close but edged in bobas favour. The last game salvage stand was unanswered and really pushed Cad out.

Final - eYoda/Cassian/Rookie Pilot 0-2 Loss

Game one was super tight coming down to Rookie pilot on 1 life finishing boba with crait speeders and y-wing.

Game two rookie pilot was left on 2 life by the end so was just as close. Paul took a clutch c-3p0 action turning 2 guns into sheilds to buy the time he need to reroll into the win

I will link these matches when they are available. i did commentry (badly most likely) for the finals

Very proud of Christina for going all the final and putting boba phasma back on the map


artyzipp 1

great deck, thanks for sharing

TheWhiteCitadel 1

So what 2 cost supports does Vandalize remove in the Perth meta? Lots of good ones, just curious cuz this always seems like a meta-specific card to me.

stranglebat 769

@TheWhiteCitadel Vandalize is there for a few cards but mainly the 0 or 1 cost upgrades and supports that hurt.

Chance Cube

Force Speed

Salvage Stand

Force Illusion

It can also be used to take out Triple Laser Turret, Shadow Caster, or Déjà Vu

It helped win her the game in our last round of swiss match. She rolled out Phasma on 2 hp into special and 1 ranged on her X-8. I had 1 Hp on Snoke and Force Illusion. I rolled in to force try and get the kill (Snoke had an X8 and his 2n ind sides to give me 3x1/6 chance to get the kill) I wiffed. I had hidden motive in had as my only removal. On her turn she Vandalized and took out my illusion. Without that i would have had another reroll to potentially seal the game (assuming i could get hidden motive to hit)

Definately worth in the current meta as every deck has at least 1-2 targets :)

ruce 90

WP Christina (:

artyzipp 1

Thanks for sharing this list. I would love to see the videos with commentary!

stranglebat 769

@artyzipp should only be a couple of days :)

rogue6548 32

Not only is this a great deck, but it also has a fantastic name. Good work.

stranglebat 769


artyzipp 1

Thanks. That was fun to watch! I thought for sure the second quick draw was coming at the end.

cornwolf 2

Finally a deck that I think I can mostly build. Thanks for sharing.

Out of interest how is this deck played just going for max damage where possible? Or any tips for playing this deck would be great.