Leia & Lando sitting in a tree M-I-L-L-I-N-G (Top 8 Perth Re

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5-1 Pax unplugged trilogy top 3 non armored reinforcement 10 6 8 1.0
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RebelTraitor 116

whenever someone posts a decklist with these characters it becomes the best name ever.

Scales 577

Why no C-3PO?

No Anakin Skywalker's Podracer with Lando's power action?

What special are you hoping to hit with Cunning?

So many questions!

P.S Congratulations on your placing

Danielcarstein 61

@RebelTraitor I know I had to think hard about the title I didnt want to let the chance go to keep up with some of the others :)

@ScalesI found Senate Chamber so much more useful with its focus sides and power action (I would remove a blank or damage dice from Lando and either change the Senate Chamber to 2 focus or Lando's dice to 4 Resource enabling the Mill from deck flood to start)

Cunning was a last minute addition to the deck and its used to hit Stealthy special so you can take 4 from Stealthy 4 from Cunning and then 4 from Leia Organa - Heart of the Resistance power action its brutal and often game ending.

I found with Commando Raid and Motivate I didnt need Podracer as I would roll in Leia first (good chance of Mill sides) take a pile from the hand hoping to hit their mitigation for the round then set myself up with Senate chamber if I didnt roll a special or the 4 resource side

After the fact I would like to try and put in some Hit and Run but struggle to see what I would take out for them as all the cards preformed well through out the day.

I hope that helps explain a few things :)

Buffybot 267

Very nice! How does the deck do for resources? Enough to play Second Chance and Hyperspace Jump on top of all the other goodies you mention above?

Danielcarstein 61

@Buffybotit is a resource hungry deck for sure,I really needed the battle field to go in my favour to get that extra money at the beginning and sometimes I would actually resolve Lando's 4 resource side just to set my next turn up, This deck usually wins quite fast if you can get the board state set up early