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tunewalker 52

I wanted to test a force power centric deck with these 2 and found that it has done pretty well. I have not taken this to a tournament, but in my casual play it did well against a Jyn Cassian Trilogy and a Standard format Boush and Han.

The Surprise MVP's of the deck were easily Luke's Training and Force Lift.

Force Lift showed itself to be an amazing upgrade no matter what turn I grabbed it. It provided good damage in the early game and the late game it would either provide damage or dice fixing for the other 2 upgrades I would no doubt have at this time.

Luke's training effectively gave all of my Force powers redeploy even from yoda should I need them as well as simply providing Resource economy that Trilogy blue hero sorely lacks which makes all these "over costed" force powers feel right.

While the deck was fun to play there were still some cards that I was not sure about:

Honed skills: This card did next to nothing all night and I am unsure that it will have any real effect without more cheaper upgrades. I am probably going to drop this one for some other form of mitigation or maybe Insight as a way to search through my deck. Unsure as of right now.

Hold Off: it is surprising how good a 0 cost card that just provides a shield is. Amazing when it actually removes a melee die. Even with that said, I was left wondering multiple times if there wasn't a more impactful and more action economic low cost card I should play instead. Possible substitute right now is still Sound the Alarm or maybe stronger you have become.

Shatterpoint: I put this card in as a tech card for dealing with problematic Upgrades like the handheld cannon or one of the many mods. In addition it could still provide a decent amount of damage with the inherent amount of dice fixing allowing it's 2 range side to be more reliable, but most of the worst weapons are all 3 costs and getting 3 force dice on the field proved difficult, this card may still be my go to for handling Mod decks and dealing with the handheld cannon.

Force Jump: I have seen this card in a lot of blue hero trilogy and I really wanted to try it, but this version of force powers deck is extremely slow. Because of this getting force jump on the field in a timely manner to use it's ability was rare. So far it's best use is for cheap shatterpoint activation. Considering dropping for Star Compass

Counter stroke: This card seemed to be kind of hit and miss. Sometimes it acted as a deterrent and force my opponent to switch targets, other times it did not act as a deterrent and never rolled damage or focus so its uses were limited and yet other times it just won me games.

Unbreakable: with the shields provided by hold off, yoda, luke, and Force jump this could fairly reliably hit any die with a value of 2 or lower, however I am not sure this is really what I want out of a 1 cost mitigation card right now and I am considering dropping it for one of the many other 1 cost mitigation cards not sure which one yet and I am open to suggestions.

Ultimately this deck was both very fun and very thematic. I am still looking at small alterations by looking at other possible 1 cost mitigation as well as other potential force powers like there is no try, and force focus. Right now the changes will be -1 Honed skills -2 Unbreakable +1 Pilio star compass +2 Way of the Light.

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DrDoofenshmirtz 106

Do you know how this compares to Yoda/Kit Fisto? I am thinking if this deck is better. It allows card like Force Lift to be played, which doesn't fit that well into the Kit Fisto version, but the I imagine the Kit Fisto version has a bit more power to kill characters more quickly.