Bonnie and Clyde - Runner Up Toronto Regional - Separatist U

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Bonnie and Clyde - Top 4 Ottawa Regional - Separatist Union 6 4 3 1.0
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Separatist Vulkar 60

Here my deck I played at Face to Face Toronto Regional.

I changed 1 card from what I played at the tournament. I switch Entangle for Armor Plating. I didn't like Entangle vs Darth Vader - Terror To Behold and whatever can make Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot live longer is very good.

Here are my match-up :

1 Luke / Yoda

Nothing note worthy easy match-up for this deck.


2 Qi'ra / Han

This was against my teammate, I knew he had a lot of vehicle hate so I needed to be very careful. In this game my friend didn't roll very well and I was able to discard a couple of key card. But I didn't took any chance and played my AT-ST instead of my Firespray-31 to protect it from Sabotage and Vandalize. With that he couldn't keep up with my damage.


3 to 5 Vader / Greedo

From that point on it was all Vader's. I always kill Greedo first, because if not with all the indirect I end up doing. Greedo take them all anyway and I leave the option to The Price of Failure for way too long. Its still a very close and very swingy match-up. It really depend on the roll from one side and the other and the card pull from Vader.

3 Wins 5-0 in Swiss

Top 4 Vader / Greedo

Not much to add 3 very close game. I still had 1 Vader / Greedo to go through


Final Vader / Greedo

In the final its was 3 very close game that Wanton Destruction gave me 1 win and almost the second one. I needed Vader to roll 6 to get the win but that didn't happen.


Thanks for reading my tournament report

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