Shadow caster trilogy

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Starwarsarthur 1

The simple fact is in trilogy vader is a beast and all fear him. The known way to beat him is with a reset deck. Round one is about the ramp. I think that it is vital to stop his ramp more than get your own. You have four money sides. He does not. I think the perfect opening hand for this deck is Streetwise, Suppressive Fire, A good investment and one mod. Use suppressive fire to stop the Darth Vader - Terror To Behold Damage train. Then use Yoda to do Yoda things. Take your new found money and pop armored reinforcements. I maintain the correct play is to pull Millennium Falcon and get the escape craft out as well. By this point you have a solid bank. With Darth Vader - Terror To Behold you don't need to worry about The Price of Failure in trilogy. So put all your hate into Vader. This should happen round 2. what you want is the Shadow Caster and some mods to trick it out. if you don't get them dont panic. Mitigate and load the Falcon up. With 8 mods you will be fine when the Shadow Caster comes. Now for the trick that I love about this deck. if you get the Shadow Caster out and have Millenium Falcon die mods on Millennium and Shadow gets targeting and R2 only put the Triple if needed. The reason the sneak reset of through the pass. The reset costs one resource and if you sit on a yoda special is a guaranteed 6 I can spam 18 this way spending as little as 2 realistically it is more like 3-5 . If I can do this by round 2 I have likely wrecked the battle line. Also with your bank don't be afraid to in the crosshairs away low damages. Also I included improvised Defenses as tech against the fist power action for Vader. It's not perfect but it will make them accept the roll or you can remove it if they mess up and forget about it.

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