YoBacca ATG Special Chaining

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YoBacca ATG Special Chaining 7 4 9 1.0

maximus 611

Multiple special chaining is the main goal of this deck. There is no Force Throw in the deck preferring Roguish Charm because it cost 1 less and it goes on the big health character that is Chewbacca - Loyal Friend. I did put 1 Force Wave in for 3 wide character. Treasured Lightsaber for unblockable damage and Handcrafted Light Bow to remove shields. Also, Cunning can be brutal if it mimic Chewbacca - Loyal Friend ability.

Hand knowledge is very important in this game and this is why I use 2 Friends in Low Places combined with 2 Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder. One of my favorite card is Cheat and it gives me the possibility to play a 3rd Second Chance or get back any cards in the discard that were vandalized or milled or discarded.

2 Force Illusion and 8 removals plus 2 Sound The Alarm are the other defensive cards.

Mulligan hard for : Force Speed, Force Illusion, Roguish Charm or Cunning, Friends in Low Places and 1 removal card.

If I don't choose the battlefield, I always choose mine against mill deck. Against all the other deck, I will put 2 shields on Yoda - Wizened Master or 1 on each if I have a Force Illusion in my starting hand.

If you have any comment, let me know.

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maximus 611

after playing it I will makes some changes for version 2.0