The Mystical and Bitter Jedi Teacher

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JuzFuzz 21

This deck takes advantage of Plo's built-in cloning ability of his non-unique partners. When Plo is activated you are able to use the Instructor's ability to turn one of your Plo dice. Also, any Ability upgrades redeploy, which all are in the decklist. The more ability upgrades you get out the better - The Power of the Force.

Using Bitter Rivalry means Plo will cop 2 damage especially because he is elite and his abilities. So, Steadfast is your opening hand goal, this is to avoid being so bitter and moving 2 damage straight off the bat - thematic too. Also, R2, Inner Strength and Force Jump come in handy early too.

I only have 1 x Force Focus, which I'd prefer to have 2 of in this deck.

I'm not sure on Counterstroke, Force Throw, Force Wave and Shatterpoint.

I've also tried Pacify, which I may add again.

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