Five Fighter Formation

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JediJayDee 34

This is the second deck I've constructed. I wanted to have 1 Hero deck and 1 Villian deck to play against each other with friends. I started with both Legacy starter decks. I opened 3 Across the Galaxy boosters containing Mauler Mithel, Black Two and Double Down. I had to pick up some TIE Fighters as well as X-wings for another similar deck.

I'm using Legacy block cards only.

I would like to have a couple more upgrades, however I have no idea what or what to cut.

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StaticCat 40

Interesting deck, personally I would take out some cards to make it more fluid. However, you can't play Indifferent you have no Neutral character so that's just a dead card. But regardless, I like the Tie Package, even using Double Down, but perhaps Armored Reinforcement so that you can get Black Two having only 1 might make it a little more difficult to get. If you do take some cards out then I would suggest adding a second Black Two in place of some of those cards.

Regardless, Enjoy! Good Luck