YoBacca ATG Special Control (final list, prep for regional)

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YoBacca ATG Special Chaining 7 4 9 1.0
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Destry210 707

This deck can compete against any deck in the meta. Special chaining between Yoda - Wizened Master and Chewbacca - Loyal Friend is obvious. I view Chewie special as a finisher when turning an opponent's dice to a big value damage dice that can kill an opponent's character. The special chaining with Chewie both dice and Cunning can do a one turn kill!

Against mill (with no opponent's dices having damage side), the deck has some weapon in Force Wave, Handcrafted Light Bow, Force Throw and Treasured Lightsaber. Cunning can also deal damage in combination of one of these. Don't forget Chewbacca - Loyal Friend has 3 sides able to do damage also.

The most important upgrade might be Force Speed to resolve dices without being mitigated. My mitigation count on Easy Pickings, Hidden Motive, Overconfidence, Pacify, Beguile and Force Throw. Force Illusion and Second Chance will help keep both characters in play longer.

The tech cards are limited but important. Vandalize can be played against Chance Cube, Force Speed, Salvage Stand, etc without removing character dice or removing 1 of my character dice against Force Illusion. Friends in Low Places and Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder are both useful to see the hand of the opponent and remove a mitigation card or a support or upgrade for scruffy.

Mulligan hard for: Force Speed, Force Illusion, Force Throw and 2 mitigation card.

I was playing eYoda/eLeia3 before but in the actual meta, opponents can do resources and were paying me to easily. That meant eLeia3 wasn't doing enough damages in the first two rounds when special chaining her dices with eYoda. In the Chewie version, the damage is more easy to do and the opponent can just mitigate or get the damage. Doing it in combo with Force Throw is pure fun.

I'm ready to go at Shadow Caster based deck or Darth Vader - Terror To Behold or Vader's Fist. My biggest advantage is this deck is not well known and can surprise an opponent.


DTokz 61

I played a similar deck a couple sets back, and I got a lot of mileage out of Funeral Pyre to get Force Throw onto Chewie.

I also really like Reaping the Crystal with all the big blue cards.

CaliberNick 7

You need to find room for Improvised Defense. Think about it, You have that on the table, use Chewie to turn their shadowcaster to a 6 side, do 6 damage, and then as an after effect, you can remove that die with Improvised defense so they can't use it against you.

Stephilmike 22

Why not two force throws since it seems so critical?