Poe/Maz... Returns? (hero vehicles)

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lij_xo 174

I love hero vehicles. It's just a really fun deck to play, and I've been really impressed with the power of N-1 Starfighter and Black One, especially with BB and Poe. I've really enjoyed this build and am considering running it at regionals, but it's not quite there yet.

Playing my vehicles normally isn't too tough, and things get wild once enough of them get out there to special chain with poe. Ani's racer does great things, and hand disruption proves to be quite key for handling your opponent's threats—hence 2xScruffy and Maz's Goggles.

Looking for suggestions certainly, especially in mitigating my opponents' dice in a meta with big fatties like Vader. The multitude of unique cards hasn't been a problem for me yet as I've been able to pitch them for critical re-rolls, but I get nervous about them. All comments and suggestions are welcome!

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