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Yoda/Leia Mill - Kansas City Regional Winner 15 9 2 1.0

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You can read the entire tournament report for this deck, as well as the fine points of piloting it and decisions made in my match-ups, on our Patreon page for $5 patrons. It will go public after Regional Season is over.


Losses were to Vader/Greedo Round 2 and one game in the finals to Yoda/Han/DD.

*Conceded in the finals to Yoda/Han/DD as I had already won the Las Vegas Regional but played the match out for the trophy.


artyzipp 7

Gross :)

congrats on the win

Orffme 71

Congrats and great list! Senate chamber and field medic were in and out of my similar deck from the Jan 5th Utah Regional. So you won and got the Yavin Medal 1st place regional trophy, but before your win officially happened you conceded so the other guy could get the ticket to Nationals? Also, I'd love your thoughts on my list that went 3-3 on Jan 5th (I could have refined a bit more I think) Congrats again!


Agent Of Zion 377

@OrffmeI conceded, we shook hands, then since we just so happened to be in the same place at the same time he offered to play a match on stream with me with nothing on the line but a trophy.

5P33D 75

Congrats man! I would be interested to know how EMP Grenades and Senate chamber preformed? And was wondering if there were any other cards you feel under performed and would potentially take out?

chinovalley 322

Congrats on your win, crazy tough deck to play against.

Mr_Chip 58

Flames of the Past - all day... plus Senate Chamber. Three cards - makes all the difference.

Agent Of Zion 377

@OrffmeSorry it took so long to get to it, but I don't really like Sound the Alarm, Strategic Planning, or Bewilder, because none of them actually solve problems, they just delay them at best and can backfire.

@chinovalleyThanks man! For what it's worth you made zero mistakes in our match, and I wouldn't like my chances if we had to replay it.

chinovalley 322

Thanks and I think you're being generous. :) Though I did enjoy the Confidence play on the EMP before I played a vehicle. Almost goofed that one.

Agent Of Zion 377

I went from internally cheering, back to neutral when you saw the EMP special, then straight-up despair when you played Confidence. It was amazing.

chinovalley 322

You have a great poker face then, I didn't see the despair.

MrCarrier 1

@Agent Of Zion did you find Force Speed impactful? What are your thoughts on using Scout? BTW, congrats on your win. Thank you for your sportsmanship and service.

Agent Of Zion 377

@MrCarrierForce Speed was amazing all day, Scout has never been worth the slot unfortunately. Thank you, <3

cjfm 35

@Agent Of Zion Do you think Hit and Run is necessary, or is it just too high an upside not to run?