2nd Place SD Regional - J'Potle - Yoda Han3 Double Down

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NC Regionals 2018 | 2nd Place | Han3/Yoda | Yolo 23 17 11 1.0
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jamingo 21

First, give credit where credit is due, 2nd Place NC Regional deck for inspiration. https://swdestinydb.com/decklist/view/25493/ncregionals20182ndplacehan3yodayolo-1.0

I started playing this 2 weeks ago, while prepping for this regional. I can not stress the importance of finding a deck and grinding with it. Its better to be good with a decent deck then mediocre with a good deck.

This deck highly revolves on drawing 1-2 force speeds turn. HARD MULLIGAN for them. Even if your hand is grabo, you need that to get going. Surviving the first round because of this will be key. Resource management. The odds of having 1 Hyperspace Jump turn 2 is so high that i always found myself starting my Jumps Turn 2 and on. Having control of BF (theed) is super key, starting the round with 3 resource with no loss of tempo is huge, potentially - Theed - Gun (ambush) and still have 1 resource. 2 resources away from jump, which its super easy to do.

Round 1 - Han3 Poe - Cool Guy. Great attitude, would continue to see him throughout the day and getting updates on his progress. My type of peoples to play with. W

Round 2 - Yoda/Lando DD - So i didn't know what to expect with this deck so I went into this playing super cautious but at the same time keeping to the plan. Had 2 speeds in opening hand. Did my thing, survived turn 1 with a promising turn 2. I believe Yoda had 2 damage on him by the end of the round so i discarded down to 1 jump and second chance to get some more guns. He ended up making a lot of money and dropping Shadow caster down and then the 6 cost Falcon. I locked him out of 2 rounds and won the game. We ended up talking a bit later in the day after our game and i found out that he was a planned explosion deck, which after our game made so much sense because of his play style. W.

Round 3 - Yoda/Qui-Gon3 Solidarity - I didn't expect to see a solidarity deck at a tournament but if there was one it would either have Qui-Gon3 or Yoda in it. Solid deck for the "handicap" that its given. Again I would hard mulligan for 2 speeds and the rest of the game was just keeping to the game plan. Keeping Qui-Gon at bay with his shields and not letting him ramp up is also good. W.

Round 4 - Yoda/Qui-Gon3 Solidarity - This game was on Monk Battlefield Gaming 1st video of the day, the last match. You can watch it there. That game was a good example of what the deck can do. I want to shout out the opponent for playing it out. W

Round 5 - Vader/Bazine - I lost fair and square on this. First vader of the day. Had some misplays that I know i shouldnt have done. I had a good opening hand. In a vader match up surviving turn 1 is huge and claiming is huge. I did both, but in turn I had no board presence. I was playing from behind the whole time. Vader do Vader things. No big deal. L

Round 6 - eSnoke/Ciena/Rebel Traitor - I was on tilt for this game, which is never good. His turn 1 was far better then mine. 2 second chances 1 force speed All in and beguile. What are you gonna do. He was able to get his deck going, firespray and fist out. GG. L.

Round 7 - Ciena/Beckett AR - Best/Closest Game of the day - Composed myself for this game. Had a decent opening hand went through the motion, only problem was he also had a good opening hand and went through the motions as well. I had 2 speeds opening hand, 1 got vandalized...... HUGE! i didnt realize how bad that was until we were going back and forth. it came down to a reroll for the kill. Great Game, Good Opponent, Big ups for being a dad and getting his 12 year old son involved. W

Top 8 - eSnoke/Ciena/Rebel Traitor - Same guy as round 6, adjust my play a bit. Feeling good. Won roll off i believe so Theed - put ambush gun on han - put force speed on yoda. That way he can traitor with no loss of tempo or inefficiencies. 2 speeds survived turn 1. Had jumps in my hands turn 2. Went through the motions. Shout out to my boy Matt for being my cheerleader. 2:0

Top 4 - SOLO SABINE - Monk - This is on Monk Battlefield Gaming Stream 2nd video last game. Shout out to Monk for the stream. EXCELLENT PLAYER. Hats off to him. 2:1

Finals - Exhausted. Played Agent of Zion. My biggest mistake was not play testing against mill much. In some aspects his deck is similar to mind. Who ever got the speeds won the game. Game 1 he had the speeds. Game 2 i got them. Game 3 he got them. I also had a tons of misplays including Drop in on Yoda. I was fine with the lost since Zion already had his bye and seat for worlds. We were just playing for the trophy. Finished at 10. Had a 2 hour drive back to LA. I am ok with that. 1:2

Things i would change - Hasty Exit was a dead card. Not once do i want to lose BF control. -1 on Drop In, rarely used it if i always had speeds. Not sure what i would add. -1 All in.... it is hard to do when you are already doing 4 actions.


jedi_jimbo 1

You’re a class act @jamingo! Congrats on your finish! Loved watching the deck in action all the way through the tournament:) Looking forward to being able to play you myself down the line (when I’m not running it myself:) Congrats again!

Bigulf 784

How crucial was Force Throw in the tourney. Were there any matchups in which it was key?