Louisville Regional Winner | Sons of Mandalore

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Kr0ozin 1091

This is the deck list I piloted to win the Louisville Regional on Saturday, January 26th, 2019. This is essentially a version of the deck Jack and Tommy from Golden Dice debuted a few weeks ago, with some tweaks to fit my play style and observations from play testing.

Most tournament reports I see go into detail about each round they played, but I personally have never found much value in that type of information. So instead, I'm going to post a quick summary of my rounds here, and I'll go into more detail about the deck, my card choices, and general strategies in an article on The Sons of Mandalore.

Round 1: Bye (1-0)

Round 2: Yoda/Leia2 (Win, 2-0)

Round 3: Jyn/Cassian (Win, 3-0)

Round 4: Tarkin/Snoke (Win, 4-0)

Round 5: Vader/Greedo (Win, 5-0)

Round 6: Tarkin/Snoke (Win, 6-0)

Round 7: Tarkin/Snoke (Loss, 6-1)

So yeah, half my games were mirror matches, but at the end of the day I finished Swiss as the #1 seed. Top cut matches:

Round 1: Yoda/Leia2 (Won 2-0)

Round 2: Tarkin/Snoke (Rematch of Round 7 of Swiss, won 2-0)

Finals: Tarkin/Snoke (Rematch of Round 6, and my friend Stephen, who I actually drove there with, won 2-0)

There were 57 players in total, 7 Vader/Greedo, 7 Yoda/Leia mill, and 5 Tarkin/Snoke (4 of which made the top 8). I played a LOT more mirror matches than I anticipated, but it was a fun tournament all around. This deck is legit.

HUGE shoutout to our friends over at Outer Rim for putting together the stream, and of course to everyone involved in putting the event together. It was a long day that's kind of all a blur at this point, so I won't try to name all the names, but all the players I met/played against were awesome, and it was a great event.

If you're interested in my thoughts about the build and how to play it optimally, be sure to check out my article!


Ion87 25

Congrats @Kr0ozin. I'm sure Thrawn approves of your tactical prowess in achieving this victory.

Corbog 101

Congratulations on coming to the light! 0 tie fighters was a bold move, but it seems to have paid off.

krez 586

Congrats! Love the writeup as well. Have you tried Force Throw much? I'm currently running that but will need to test Push. And what about Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid? That special is no joke (any card!). Lastly, how did you like the Handheld L-S1 Cannon? I dropped it after I felt like the restriction was too big of a deal in this deck.

Kr0ozin 1091

@Ion87 Thanks! This quote seems appropriate - "War is a primarily a game of skill. It is a Contest of mind matched against mind, tactics matched against tactics. But there is also an element of chance that is more suited to games of cards or dice. A wise tactician studies those games, as well, and learns from them."

@Corbog - In regards to the TIEs, this other Thrawn quote also seems appropriate - "No one is immune to failure. All have tasted the bitterness of defeat and disappointment. A warrior must not dwell on that failure, but must learn from it and continue on."

@krez - I actually haven't tried Force Throw or the Seeker Droid to be honest. My thought on Throw was that I wanted to help the Vader matchup, and while throwing a 4 in his face is great, he can just Power Action it back in. So I opted to go for the more "soft" control by flipping his dice. It's definitely worth a shot though! I love the Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid too, but it just felt like the upgrade package was so tight that I couldn't fit it in. I do LOVE that special though, so I encourage testing that too.

As for the Handheld L-S1 Cannon, I would not even CONSIDER cutting it. It was an absolute beast all day, and not once in 13 games did I feel like the restriction hurt me. I actually DID feel that way the first few times I tested this deck, but I realized that it was mostly just because I was playing it wrong.

If your opponent is playing correctly, Tarkin is the target 100% of the time. Because of that I was putting the Cannon on Snoke, since it's a potent upgrade. That's the trap. I want to load Snoke up with 3 upgrades to maximize my dice, and I'm totally fine with Tarkin having just the Cannon and a Holocron or something. The value you get from that upgrade is so huge that it makes up for itself, and to be honest, I rarely found myself wanting/needing 6 upgrades out anyway. It CAN get a little tricky when you want to put a Force Illusion on Tarkin, but there's nothing wrong with Cannon/FI on Tarkin and Speed/Jump/Chance Cube on Snoke. Even if you have another upgrade in your hand you can just drop it after you pop the FI. Obviously everyone is different, but it was so strong in my games that I think it's one of the MVPs of the deck.

krez 586

Thanks for the great response! I do like Force Throw for more than just the Vader matchup. But I will try Force Push since it has more good sides (just noticed that 2 !). More often than not I roll the 1 or 2 on Throw and it feels bad.

You're right on the hand cannon, I really didn't give it enough testing. I'll probably just end up cutting the seeker droids.

And do you usually put holocron on Tarkin? I think I prefer Snoke for that upgrade so that I can freely use the special to get a throw/push down and not have the character die right away.

Lastly, have you tried Boundless Ambition? In my limited testing I am loving it since you often have a hand full of cheap upgrades. Digging for more mitigation or Vader's Fist is great.