Doctor Feelgood 4-3 Fresno Regional

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NOVA Top 32 - "Curtain Call" (Aphra/Executioners) 40 30 18 1.0
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SwagLordRyan 58

So this is by far my favorite deck that I've played. I've been working on it for a long time in prep for regionals and I want to talk about some specific card choices.

First I chose one Backup Muscle and one Relentless Pursuit. I feel that they do the same thing, although I wouldn't hate two Backup Muscles but I just think that right now with the meta you have to cut one so you can fit in other cards to counter stuff like Vader and Mill

  1. Ark Angel is in there because it has shields and some more damage plus it works with Hailfire Droid Tank and the biggest reason cause it helps with speed and that's my toughest matchup so I thought it would help.
  2. First Strike/Cunning Ruse and why I didn’t chose Wanton Destruction First Strike. I like it because it helps with other decks other than just Vader like Shadowcaster or Qui-Gon.

0-1 eDryden/eTalzin This was against a good friend from locals. So I don't remember too much from the match but I remember that he got out a Chain Sickle early and Command Shuttle. He just built up his board a lot faster and started to steamroll me. It was kind of close but definitely in his favor. Loss

1-1 ePoe2/eHan3 When I saw my pairing I was super disappointed to see that I was matched up against my girlfriend. So like I said fast aggro decks are probably my worst matchups. We've tested a lot so she knows my deck as well. Thankfully, I got my droid tank and BT-1 round one and two and she only got one of Retreat and no Hyperspace Jumps so I was able to get the win by just using BT-1 to wear her down. Win

1-2 eLuke/eKit Bitter Rivalry I had quite a bit trouble with this one. It was hard to focus and I didn't get my supports till the later rounds and my Tank and Executioners were just not rolling damage. Loss

2-2 eVader/Greedo This guy seemed a little flustered, he ran in late but we got to playing and the reason I won was because he was putting some of the indirect damage on Vader because I think he was nervous about the extra roll out of my executioners but eventually killed he Greedo and First Strike’d his Vader. Win

3-2 2Gungans/JarJar/Boss Nass Double Down This match was heavily in my favor most of his damage is indirect from his battlefield Arena of Death and Planetary Uprising plus my executioners get an extra rollout and gungans with low health are easy kills. I just slowly killed each one and there wasn't much he could do. Win

3-3 eLando2/eYoda Double Down He had 3 Planned Explosions and 3 Force Speeds. He outsped me and had a ton of resources and death was inevitable. Each round he got a Planned Explosion and I was able to Probe the first one but after that he just destroyed me. Loss

4-3 eVader/Greedo Seeing Vader is always scary and I just wanted to finish on a positive note. So,I was extremely nervous. I played through and was doing all right. He played Vader's Meditation Chamber and it was tough to get damage through but finally I First Striked Greedo for the kill to roll out the Executioners again. That was definitely a misplay since he'd kill his Greedo anyways with Price of Failure. Thankfully in the end he took a 50/50 roll and missed and I barely got it. Win

So, overall it was an extremely fun day and it was well worth it. I only got an hour of sleep the night before and it was a long drive there and back. So that definitely made it much harder than it should've been. The store was extremely nice and the tournament was well ran. I want to congratulate all of my opponents. Everyone played extremely well and I wish everyone good luck in the future.


Mr. Dinkleman 7

Hey, where do you guys play up there? Visalia has died since Key Forge came out.

SwagLordRyan 58

@Mr. Dinkleman not sure I don’t play in Fresno we drove up I play at The Realm Game and Comics in Brea