Kylo’s pet wolf- 2nd place Greenfield, WI Regional

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Ghostxide 65

I played this deck at the Greenfield, WI Regional event. I chose it mainly because Kylo is one of my favorite characters, 3 damage sides and an ability that rewards knowledge/memory (and a little bit of luck). Saw this pairing win a regional 2 months ago so i decided to put my spin on it. In building the deck I choose to remove the redeploy weapons never felt Wullf could close any game alone unless we were close to mill. Put in two copies of Abandon All Hope, this is my personal favorite card ever and I think at this point in the meta is actually a back breaker of a card. With Vader's Fist in every deck, hyperspace jumps, Snoke power action for 3 resources, this card shuts all that down when properly timed. Nothing else was too special about my list, kept a Vigilance in, added a lightsaber pull to up the chance of getting a weapon when needed.

Deck General Strategy

With this two step program you two can win with Kylo Wullf.

  1. Shut down the opponents game plan.
  2. Once up in damage/know you can close out the game, go full speed into damage or mill.

This is the strategy I employed for every matchup. Figure out what the opponent wants, resources for big card, cards in hand to shut me down with/ mill me with and attack that with everything you got. During turn 1-3 i am focusing Kylo to disrupt if I have to, to keep my vader opponent from having 5 resrouces at the start of next turn. I am using my two damage from Kylo maybe 1 melee side to chip my opponent for round 1-3. Once I have a character within 6-8 damage left, I drop crossguard saber, ancient, roll in Wullf discard 1 card, get a focus up, figure out my best odds for color, and then focus/roll all damage on Kylo and finish them off before they can get online. For me this is where the deck shines, it's that turning point of controlling your opponent to now racing them on damage. Kylo does a good job of fast damage, lightsaber throw, conflicted, 2 melee, focuses from Wulff. I don't care if my opponent plays Vader's Fist on turn 4/5, they now have a dead character and another at half health at this point. Now i do care if they play rise again or second chances, which is something to keep in mind when trying to close out with this deck. Any healing or large roadblocks for stopping my damage can be brutal.

Swiss Rounds

I went 5-2 in swiss. My two loses were to a Vader/Greedo and Tarkin/Snoke. Overall swiss went okay for me, Abandon All Hope was played 1-2 times every game to shut down anywhere from 3-8 resources for the opponent. Dark Presence was the MVP of day removing 1-2 dice almost every roll in from Wullf, doesn't even matter what it removes, just limits the opponent so much and allows me to focus my hard removal cards on the big dice. I finished 6th in swiss and made the top cut.

Top 8 First round

My first opponent was the Tarkin/Snoke that I lost to in swiss. This matchup was all about force illusion and Vader's Fist. Tarkin's PA for 4 damage needs to go into force illusion and I needed to control his hand and resources for a few turns to stop Vader's Fist from entering play. Basically the two games i did that I won and other game he got Fist down turn 2 and was able out pace me. Vigilance saw one play here, forced two rerolls. I won 2-1.

Top 4

I went against a Snoke/Bala/Cienna this round. I had played this guy before in the swiss rounds and won. This match was especially hard for my deck. He was running Vader's Fist, Slave 1 and Firespray. Due to the health base of 28 the multiple big threats in his deck made controlling resources and hand much more difficult for me because i had to do it for 4-5 rounds before i started to feel safe that I could close out on damage even if he played a big vehicle. This strategy is what I employed in a lot of matchups. You control their resources and hand for a few rounds until you are ahead on damage and once you feel you can close it, you play weapons and use your damage from hand to finish them before they can get online. I won 2-1.

Top 2

My final match was vs Vader/Greedo who I had lost to in swiss. This match had a lot to do with his deck tech that I think shut me down. He was running somewhere around 7-10 one ofs, making my Wullf much less effective. He was running Rend as well which hit my Dark Presence in both rounds. First round was nail biter that ended with 1 card in each deck and only Greedo and Kylo with 2 health left, I killed Greedo and death rolled into 2 damage. Game 2 was sort of a damage fest went fast, Kylo went down, Greedo went down. Vader was at like 3 health left and opponent played a Rise Again and I conceded, no way Wullf will ever do 8 damage with a single weapon. I beat two Vader/Greedos in swiss, and lost to this Vader/Greedo 3 times, so I think he was a skilled player and his deck had just the right spice to make my life hard. I lost 0-2 and took second place.


master_shapiro 71

Nice job. I was there using Sabine / Ezra / double down

Fuser 1


Scales 577

Congratulations on your placing!

This deck is definitely a contender that people don't take seriously - a few questions about certain cards:

Questioned Loyalty - how useful was this card? I feel like if you're showing you might as well resolve it - do you think Close Quarters Assault might be a better call?

Imposing Presence - how often would you get 2 dice removed, or have the card 'on'

Congratulations once again! Love the use of Dark Presence!

Ghostxide 65

@Fuser Questioned loyalty for me was used on turn 3+ when I was switching to damage. I use it as get rid of the control card or healing they have then reroll Wullfs dice to focus for damage. Imposing presence is super legit, it’s on always for turn1-3ish when people are playing cards and I’m discarding. I think I removed 2 dice maybe once the whole tourney. I don’t like CQA only because I like to do all the hand control before Kylo rolls in to protect his dice.

Articero 844

I really like the list! I also moved away from the redeploy weapon in later versions of this deck. I think having the ability for Wullf to do damage at the end of a round is cute, but it isn’t really what the deck needs to do (or wants to do, for that matter). Your setup is better than mine was!

Your list does a great job of maximizing what Kylo and Wullf have to offer, and I love that you made Abandon All Hope work so well in your games. It’s a great meta call right now!

Your top cut matches looked merciless with three wide showing up again and that Vader/Greedo being built in a way that really hurts the matchup. Congratulations on a well earned and impressive finish in a difficult top!

Ghostxide 65

@Articero Abandon All Hope is always a great meta call! Not sure I’ve ever made a blue villain deck without it lol Thank you though! Your list was a great start and allowed me to not have to work too hard to make this deck work and make it work my way!