Corellia Special - Top 8 WA Regional, 4th in Swiss

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erikktlog 35

This is the HQ deck I was able to pilot to a solid showing in the 58 player WA Regional. Gabi's Olympic Cards and Comics were fantastic hosts, had a blast with this deck and with everyone I played with. Special shoutout to my best friend Thomas (Savage 281) for all the reps and the Cloud City Rollers at Zulu’s Board Game café!

This build felt pretty flexible the more I tested deck, it can tempo fast when it needs to but its not fully reliant on action cheating. The mitigation package was solid and I was fortunate not to face any mill as I felt it was the weakest matchup going in. I opted for more surprise options like Take Flight, Rebel, and Armed to the Teeth over the Infamous Never Tell Me The Odds package. I ultimately chose not to run Double-Cross as I felt Paid Off would give me more flexibilty as to when I could play it.

Mulligan would usually be a Gun, Bait and Switch , Mitigation, and a Hero Card like Easy Pickings or Hyperspace Jump. Ideal plan is to get full use of Han's special early to keep the pressure on.

Round 1 – Loss - Han3/Biggs - Armored Reinforcement Zach from Dice of Failure podcast won his Theed, then proceeded to roll me off the table. Falcon rolled hot, key moment was his Hyperspace Jump round 2 to keep Biggs alive while I was showing lethal. He rode the ride all the way into the Top 8

Round 2 – Win - Boussh/Jedi Sentinel – Calling In Favors

This deck piloted by self-proclaimed newcomer Jeff did some decent damage to me with Leia’s Special and some sneaky event plays including a 3 Damage Reversal and 7 damage Wanton Destruction (Ouch). Qira put down Leia Round 2 with a Take Flight/Bait and Switch for 9 damage and I was able to close Sentinel with Armed to the Teeth the next round

Round 3 – Win - Han3/Yoda Wyatt from Dice of Failure Podcast took his Theed and got off to a fast start Round 1 with an early Hyperspace Jump before I could resolve any damage. Round 2 he put 4 damage into my Han and was sitting on 3 resources. Key play was my Bait and Switch I had saved from Round 1. I played it here to get Han to 2 specials. Resolved both to gain 2 resources and forced him to lose 2 and kept him from Jumping round 2. Qi’ra was able to put in a solid amount of damage into his Han round 2, Round 3 I mitigated and put down his Han. With both characters still alive Yoda had an uphill battle with only 2 damage upgrades. I finished it with another Armed to the Teeth after putting in 8 more damage and chewing through a Force Illusion.

Round 4 – Win - Tarkin/Snoke

Rolled straight fire this game. Put 5 damage into Tarkin Round 1. Round 2 I pitched to re-roll and settled on 8 damage which I was forced to put into Snoke to avoid Tarkin’s Force Illusion. Alex K. kindly responded with 8 indirect of his own. I was able to effectively stay ahead of Force Jump both rounds and it didn't cooperate unfortunately. Snoke went down round 3. Chance Cube and Holocron unfortunately were on the bottom of his deck and Tarkin went down Round 5

Round 5 – Win – Vader/Greedo

Won my Theed on the Roll-off and managed to stay ahead on tempo this game. Vader’s dice didn’t want to co-operate for fellow Cloud City player Kris. Into the Crosshairs round 2 kept my characters free of damage early. A timely Coercion effectively ended this game getting a Price of Failure before Vader had activated, forcing him to defeat his full health Greedo.

Round 6 – Win – Vader/Greedo Shane from Artificery (if my memory serves me correctly) got his Fist down round 1 but unfortunately only hit damage once on his activations. Han had a hot 6 damage roll forcing an early Beguile Turn 1 which left him with no resources for the pay sides on Fist. With the early Claim round 1 I chipped away at Vader Round 2 and Jumped before Fist could activate, same story Round 3 after Vader laid down a Rise Again. Round 4 I got Drop In/Take Flight to hit good damage, Bait and Switched for 9 to put down Vader.

Round 7 – Win – Rex/Maz/Clone Trooper This was the play in match for Top 8 against fellow Cloud City player Stephanie. She had been working this deck for some time and it’s a beast when it gets rolling. Turn 1 was kind of slow for both of us, I Han Specialed and took a resource from Holdout to get down a 2nd gun on Qi’ra. At that point my board state was ahead. Round 2 I was able to Bait and Switch to put down a full health Clone Trooper then Jumped to swap to my Theed. Round 3 I hit Drop In to take Maz of the board. From there I had chew through Defensive Position, a Hyperspace Jump of her own and a full health Rex but eventually finished him with an Armed to the Teeth after Han went down.

Top 8 match – Loss – DJ/Snoke

I got to give a lot of credit to Brenton, the deck he built was nasty. Both games went about the same. He got Fist out Turn 1 both games and I couldn’t get DJ down early enough in either match and he effectively mitigated at key moments.

MVP'S Bait and Switch - Armed to the Teeth - Hyperspace Jump


Bloody_9 14

You're the best Erikk, leaving out my tantrum concession. Again, I'm sorry and good showing. Always good to see the home crowd killing it!

Mark-3P0 153

Great job at the regional! Glad we had a good showing in the top 8 by the Cloud City Rollers!

Sinomi 285

Armed to the Teeth is a clutch closer. Love the deck name, too!

erikktlog 35

It’s all good @Bloody_9 , I know you’re a competitor and I don’t take it at all personally.

Vader simply did not cooperate early in that game which is understandably frustrating.