Top 16 in WA 57 Player Regional. 5-2 in Swiss.

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Top 4 Kansas City Regional - 7-0 in Swiss 18 15 10 1.0
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Scarletasterisk 218

Write up can be found here(SWDestinyDB won't let me save the write up for some reason):


Dice of Failure 523

I heard you played a really attractive guy round 1.

Razelll 244

If you don't mind me asking, what decks did you lose to in Swiss?

Scarletasterisk 218

Lost to a Snoke/Tarkin which won the event and to a really great Luke2/Qi'Ra build.

DTokz 56

How does this handle something like Sabotage or Vandalize knocking out the vehicle?

Scarletasterisk 218

@DTokz Optimally, I am able to naturally play an Umbaran Hover Tank or Firespray-31 round one and Use AR as a backup in case the vehicle gets destroyed round 2. If forced to use AR to play these vehicles from deck instead of hand round one and vehicle gets destroyed round one, it's admittedly a tough position in which I am then hoping to draw up the next round the other vehicle.