Obi/Barriss Quick Strike

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scrichards 43

I put this together shortly after Across The Galaxy dropped and thought it might be able to be a T1 deck. It's not quite consistent enough but makes a great case for T2 or T1.5.

There is lots of flexibility but the main idea is to use Swiftness or Force Speed to focus an Obi die to 3 and Barriss will auto-focus to +2 then resolve for 5-10 damage or hit a Close Quarters Assault and resolve next action.

Mulligan hard for Steadfast and Force Speed. Upgrades are useful for the long game if your opponent is high health or is running mill, especially Shoto Lightsaber. Lightsaber Training Staff is cheap, triggers Shoto Lightsaber, then can be overwritten for Rey's Lightsaber or a Dagger of Mortis.

The main focus cards are Concentrate and Clash but you can slot in Feel The Force as well. Hit hard and hit fast to get quick kills and especially avoid mitigation. Swiftness into Loth-Wolf Bond is another potential combo to hit if you see it.


krez 586

Nice deck! I'd recommend Alter to help make more use of Barriss' ability

scrichards 43

@krez I was using Alter but found it's too expensive for this deck. Just my take but if you run Alter you are either cutting upgrades or losing valuable cash to play upgrades, making the deck more one-dimensional. I used Clash instead because it is anti-Vader, though new threats have come up.

Fromper 92

You should consider You Were My Friend, as it'a a good duel-purpose card. You can either focus your own die with it, or use it as removal against your opponent's dice. After playing Vader a lot since AtG came out, I ended up using YWMF instead of Clash most of the time.