The Mandalorians

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Buffybot 267

Version 2, incorporating many suggestions on version 1. This is the version that hit the table last week and won its first two casual games quite comfortably.

This deck doesn't pack any big punches, but delivers a steady flow of damage from multiple sources:

  • Preemptive Strike opens up with 2 damage.
  • Lots of cheap upgrades to use your Commandos' Power Action for 1 damage.
  • The Commandos' own dice, which have 3 damage sides with no modifiers or pay sides.
  • The weapon dice, which all have 3 damage sides, cost 2, and have Redeploy.
  • Backup Muscle pings for 1 each time.
  • 1 damage to your opponent whoever claims the battlefield with Petranaki Arena - Geonosis.

It all adds up, with some extra surprise damage potential from Armed to the Teeth, Fight Dirty, and Take Flight.

Meanwhile, your defence is decent. Starting health of 27 is good, and two of your cheap upgrades to spring the Commandos' Power Action are Armor Plating and Plastoid Armor, which combine well with the 2 shield sides on the Commando character dice for protection. Added defence comes from Doubt, Flank, He Doesn't Like You and Subdue.

The deck doesn't naturally generate resources, so includes two copies of both Truce and Well-Connected to offset that, plus five zero cost upgrades, including Chance Cube for Power Action shenanigans.

Mandalorian Vambraces is just a great all-round upgrade, in addition to being thematic for these guys and great cheap fuel for your Commandos' Power Action.

This is designed for casual play. It's also a budget deck, containing no legendary cards, and only 9 rares.

Suggestions for improvement (still) welcome!


Husher315 23

I've been rocking this deck, mind you my own version for months. It's absolutely amazing.

Buffybot 267

@Husher315, I am wondering about adding Relentless Pursuit to transfer the 2 indirect damage from Preemptive Strike to your opponent's main threat. What do you think?

master_shapiro 71

Gang up?

CaliberNick 7

One thing that would worry me is zero resource sides on your character dice.

Buffybot 267

@master_shapiro, I considered Gang Up, but it's not a weapon or equipment, so playing it doesn't trigger the Commando's Power Action, and those triggers are important for the deck's functionality. It also costs 3, which this deck can provide the opportunity to play but not consistently.

Buffybot 267

@the101ers, that is the main issue to manage with having three of these guys, no doubt about it, and it does need to be managed. That's why 15 of the cards are zero cost. The surprising thing about this deck is that although it includes weapons, they are not as important as you might think for dealing damage. I prefer to get Mandalorian Vambraces and Backup Muscle to start, rather than a weapon.