Beckett/Iden Trilogy Control/Aggro

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Destry210 719

Iden Versio - Inferno Squad Commander dices when in the pool stop your opponent from taking an additional action. Tobias Beckett - Thief For Hire special can steal a resource and if it steal the last resource then 2 resources are added. Also, I can use his power action to give both 1 resource, my opponent and me before stealing his.

10 weapons plus 2 Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid to get hand knowledge. Many focus on both characters. This could be a winning pair in Trilogy.


Razelll 244

So just a couple questions (knowing that this is trilogies). Why Outer Rim Outpost instead of Theed Royal Palace. Also, why do you use Paid Off? It seems like giving them 2 resources just to use there die is not that good, even tho it could be a pretty decent damage swing. And finally, do you think Reach The Stars is really necessary with all the focuses that you have?

StaticCat 40

@Razelll the reason he's using Paid Off is more than likely for Darth Vader - Terror To Behold paying 2 to deal 4 to him could be a potential kill. As for Theed Royal Palace - Naboo I can only guess he like everyone else is sick of seeing that card. The final thought Reach The Stars for the stars is useful for Tobias Beckett - Thief For Hire so that he can reroll his dice with upgrades and then either re-roll them again if he can and then ambush to resolve them, faster than the focus because he doesn't have to wait.

Regardless, the deck looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy!