eLando Anakin L3-37 (4-1 in local tournament)

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Papiboki 2

Interesting deck that I piloted to a 4-1 in a local tournament of 6 players (championship format).

  • 1st game : eSnoke eTarkin (W)
  • 2nd game : eRose Jedha Partisan x2 (W)
  • 3rd game : ePalpatine Retribution (W)
  • 4th game : eYoda eLeia3 (W)
  • 5th game : eKylo ePryce (L)

This deck can generate a TON of ressources. Generally, I began my turn with 5 or 6 ressources, which allowed me to play vehicles each turn and still can play removal. Yellow suite of removal is great and combined with 26 HP and 2 second chance (and a lot of shields on your dices) it can be hard to kill you.

The combo with Anakin and L3-37 is very usefull early game to grab ressources and end game to turn dice to damage. When you have Anakin's pod, it can be useful to turn it to discard side to discard as many removal as possible.

With Lando still alive and a few vehicle, it's not hard to play a Explosion planifiée which can be game changing. Partnership can be very useful to go through mitigation and kill a damaged character (orplay a planned explosion if you're lucky)

I think the maine problem of this deck is to produce damage reliabily. In some games I rolled a lot of ressources and shields (and blanks ...) when I really needed damages (it can be a little frustrating ...). Not a tier 1 deck but an interesting deck to play and still playable with the incoming rotation with little changes to do.


Sparetomato 1

Nice deck! I ran this today at a little local friendly tournament.

As you say, not tier1, it struggled against the meta decks that were there, but was fun to play.

I only have one Pirate Speeder Tank so I subbed in a Shadow Caster, which worked well in getting the numbers for Planned Explosion, and if you can get L3-37 - Droid Revolutionary onto it as a mod, it’s even worth resolving it’s pay sides.

Papiboki 2

Great, glad to see that you like it. I was undecided on Shadow Caster, the lack of mods seemed not good for me but it's true that it's a fantastic card to get a Planned Explosion. With all this money, it's even possible to pay for damages sides when it's absolutely necessary.