Rebel Girls (Trilogy)

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lij_xo 169

Always workshopping new Trilogy decks these days!

The idea here is simple but effective. Leia Organa - Boushh allows us to run Firespray-31 while having access to cards like Aerial Advantage, Outgun, and Dogfight. Also, starting the game with Firespray-31 means Leia's special is always brutal.

Leia and Rose both make lots of money, and Rose let's us exploit hero vehicles such as Resistance Crait Speeder and Modified HWK-290. If you can win the roll-off (kind of doubtful) you're in an even better position as you'll almost always have the battlefield and can use Aerial Advantage and Hasty Exit.

20 health is risky, so you want to play fast and time those Outguns for the perfect moment.

Always happy for any recommendations! I might run Handheld L-S1 Cannon over or in addition to Formidable but I don't own any.


Sinomi 285

Looks like fun! I'll be trying this in Trilogy for sure. I've been looking for a good red partner for Leia Organa - Boushh. :)

JJcollection 7

Rose is the worst. Cool deck though.

JuryDuty 14

I'm having fun trying this deck, but it's not moving fast enough for me. By about the third round I'm dealing good damage, but by then I've usually lost Leia.

I'm tempted to try out Shadow Caster in place of Firespray-31 and add a second R2 Astromech to the deck along with Laser Cannon and some Dorsal Turrets to quickly make it usable. I also recommend the new Black One in place of one Modified HWK-290 in order to use BB-8 effectively.

This is a great deck for that battlefield.

lij_xo 169

Thanks for the advice! I've actually changed this deck a bit myself. I took out both HWKs for 2 Dorsal Turret and switched Hasty Exit and Bubble Shield with 2x Well-Connected. I also took out the R2 Astromech for Through The Pass and Ark Angel for Doubt.

I agree it needs to be faster, but Well-Connected and Doubt have helped quite a bit and it's been performing pretty well for me.

JuryDuty 14

Very interesting. I'll have to try some of that out. I'm also adding in a couple Logistics and if I can, a Sound The Alarm or two.

lij_xo 169

Logistics is great but doesn't let you generate a resource turn one, which let's you nab the Firespray turn 2. Sound the Alarm is a great card but I'm happier running 2x Doubt