Yoda-Leia2-TG. 3º Place Regional Murcia 2019

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chencho4b 44

Top 3 in a 27 players Regional in Murcia (Spain)


  1. vs Yoda-Cassian-Anakin: win

  2. vs Dooku2-Talzin: win

  3. vs Yoda-Hired Gun-Gungan: Loss

  4. vs Han3-Poe2: win

  5. vs Yoda-Cassian-Anakin: loss

  6. vs Becket-Cienna: win

Top8. vs Yoda-Cassian-Anakin: win

Top4. vs Yoda-Hired Gun-Gungan: Loss


Tirotwolf 1

Can u tell to us how you win the matchups?

chencho4b 44

@Tirotwolf Rolling dices... and avoiding your Vader deck ; )