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Syringe 315

So, I played a Regionals in Stockholm, capital of Sweden, this past weekend. There was 26 participants – several that has done really well in competitions before. As Count Dooku has been one of my favorites since forever (seriously, it’s Cristopher Lee for crying out loud!), I played him through Awakenings and Spirit of Rebellion, and ever since the updated Dooku was released in Way of the Force.

His partner is of course Mother Talzin, and together they form a pretty realiable duo (although not very thematically) that really does not care what they roll since they get to choose their dice results regardless. I know there are tons of different Dooku/Mother out there and I won’t claim I’ve cracked the code in any way. Generally, the duo do really well in competitions, but don’t win all to often.

I decided to try to change that and have been experimenting with them for a long time, and now it was time to really try them out in a tournament. I have included several ways to hand out extra damage the opponent will have a hard time to defend themselves from. The most obvious ones being Deflect and Unyielding, but also one Fear and Dead Men, one Conflicted, one The Power of the Force and one You Were My Friend (which is good both as mitigation and attack!). The true hero during the tournament was No Mercy though – which I have two of.

If I would change one thing, it would likely be switching one Deflect for a The Force Is With Me. In many matchups, the Deflect is pointless, but there are often Indirect Damage on characters like Snoke and Tarkin as well as on frequently used supports like Shadow Caster and Vader's Fist. Other than that, I’d say this is a rock solid setup that gave me the Regional victory.

There’s really no secrets in it, it’s just working as a charm with the right amount of cards. It has fairly few upgrade dice, but you won’t need more than this as the economy is strained in this deck with 28 cards of 30 costing at least one resource. Dooku/Mother can easily hand out 6-7 damage on a turn (more if you use card effects) even without any upgrade, and I find it much more important to have good mitigation and surprise damage.

So why no It Binds All Things and Rise Again? Well, The first one is just to unreliable. If I don’t get it out round one – and you really, really need to get a Force Speed and preferably a Ancient Lightsaber in your starting hand – I have to play it round two and then earn my first resource round three. This just isn’t good enough and to often these tend to end up as re-rolls for me. And Rise Again is so expensive in this deck. Having two is nice, but I’d rather put my resources and cards into killing of my opponents as fast as possible or as mitigation. Having only one is completely reasonable and makes the deck more competitive.

Also, I feel like explaining The Power of the Force. You will fairly quickly have at least three upgrades (Force Illusion is also an upgrade, as is Force Speed). That makes the card perfect for resolving resources, discard or focus. Opponents rarely mitigates those symbols, and as a result I can usually get them to throw three-four cards or get three-four resourses (minus one for the cost). I usually don’t use it for damage unless it’s really necessary.

Another thing I want to explain is my choice of equipment. Flames of the Past is a huge problem for double equipment, which is why I only have Ancient as a double (and Energy Bow, but if my opponent want to pay two resourses to remove a card costing one – well go ahead) and I don’t rule out changing one of them for a Shoto Lightsaber either. I prefer to use Dagger of Mortis and Heirloom Lightsaber instead of Maul's Lightsaber as it is way to common that the plus sides get unused in the end after unfortunate mitigation. Also, opponents tend to kill of Mother Talzin first, which makes it possible to put Dagger of Mortis and Heirloom Lightsaber on her if that’s the case and use them before she is killed, then redeploy them to Dooku and use it again.

Oh, and I have seven evenly costed cards. That will make Talzin miss one or maybe even two Dice turns on activation. I’m aware of this, but still think it is worth it. No Mercy is the most important card of the deck as you can us it on any dice showing damage. To be able to deliver five damage from an Energy Bow or a single Ancient Lightsaber is just completely nuts. Almost half of my matches ended with me delivering the final blow with a No Mercy (with Unyielding doing equally as much). Fear and Dead Men is also insanely good when playing against several characters. I would like to have two of those, but one is the sweetspot after a whole lot of playtesting.

I lost two matches during the tournament. In one of them I rolled really crappy and I will like a crying man-baby (without trying to downplay my opponent in any way, he did really well with a nicely crafted deck that got to the semi-finals!) claim this might have been the main reason for that loss. The other one was against Han Solo/Tobias Beckett and it was just a brilliantly crafted deck (piloted by an equally brilliant player) with many surprises that likely will have an advantage over my duo almost regardless of what I do. But that’s Star Wars Destiny for you, as it should be, there isn’t one sollution that works against everything.

I did, however, without to much hassle beat decks based on combos like Snoke/Tarkin, Padawan/Padawan/Plo Koon and Darth Vader/Greedo. The one that was hardest was a mirror match in the semi (I won 2-0) against another Dooku/Talzin, who did use cards like It Binds All Things and Stifle. It was really even and piloted by an excellent player.

Feel free to ask questions, and try this one out for yourselves. A whole lot of the absolutely necessary cards are being rotated out very shortly, so hurry up and enjoy this deck while you still can.

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