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nonameface 124

With Rotation upon us, I have updated my Gungan deck to be Trilogy legal so this can be used as a framework for a standard legal deck after the release of Convergence.

Updates for the Trilogy Version:
-2 Aftermath
-1 Blaze of Glory
+1 On The Mark
+2 Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder

Some more tips for running this deck. Don't hesitate to Vandalize a priority upgrade or support, the earlier the better. Your Gungan die just aren't worth keeping unless you god rolled them. taking out a Darksaber or Vibrocutlass or even a Vader's Fist cannot be overstated. One round without your gungan dice are better than losing a gungan every round because you let something like that stick around.

Use your On The Mark if you absolutely need to kill off a specific character (like DJ in Bring Your Blood Pressure Medication). If you happen into the combo (which is admittedly hard because both are 1-of in the deck) of On The Mark and Intense Fire can surprise snipe a character down.

Look for cards that are able to blow you out with your Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder. I'm usually looking for cards like Fear and Dead Men or Vader's Fist. If you get it later game you can hit a Rise Again. I generally dont use this to fish for removal but instead cards that can cause a huge swing or blow out.

Original Text:
Lots of money available in this deck with Crackdown, Logistics, Well-Connected, and Aftermath. I also resolve almost every money side I roll and everyone has one except the Runaway Boomas.

Basic play tips: Roll in all gungans, blanks are great as long as Boss Nass - Bombastic Ruler is alive. Resolve good sides like 2 indirect and money before rerolling with Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast if you can. I usually save jar jar until I need to reroll their dice or most of my own are in the pool (why not get a free reroll on most of the bad dice.)

Always power action in extra Runaway Boomas dice, you can usually afford it. Fix them with Senate Chamber. If I dont roll the 2 focus side with it, I'll remove a Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast die or something else bad to turn it to the 2 focus.

You dont have a ton of removal but its all multi-die removal so spend your money on your removal before you spend it getting in a bit more damage.

Boss Nass - Bombastic Ruler is usually the first target. Make them pay for killing him with a Diplomatic Protection. Really beefs everyone else up once you get all the shields on everyone else. Gives you a whole other Gungan Warrior worth of health.


ozzy67205a 1

I thought that blaze of glory was a ridiculous card, is there a reason as to why it was removed from this deck.

nonameface 124

It is good and it can totally cause a huge blowout play. It can also just sit dead in your hand for a long time waiting for a chance to even get a tiny bit of value from it. I find it to be very inconsistent. If you like it and want to add it back in I would swap.
-1 Well-Connected
+1 Blaze of Glory

I find it really hard to get the right value from it. You're playing 1 and killing your character (probably), and he has to be ready and unactivated. Since you're paying 1 resource, 1 card, and still taking the damage you've got to get enough value out.

I used to run 2 of them, then I dropped it to one because I didn't play it enough. And the more I keep playing gungans the more I realized I still don't play the 1 copy often enough. I needed to cut something to get Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder in because eating a Fear and Dead Men on the chin is worse.

DTokz 55

I've found Blaze of Glory combos really well with Diplomatic Protection. Since you have low HP characters and only 1 other upgrade, it's easy enough for an opponent to switch targets once you play Protection. Paying 1 resource to have a 2 health Gungan remove 5+ damage and give 6 shields to the rest of the team is worth it.

nonameface 124

yes that scenario is absolutely worth it! My only issue is that I have a hard time setting that up consistently. There is no doubt about it that you can have a blow out play with Blaze of Glory, and of all the decks this one is the one of best to use it in. I still found it to be too inconsistent for me, if it works for you though by all means include it! Thanks for the comments and discussion!

I would say that Blaze of Glory is top priority as a 'flex' card if you need something to substitute or feel that you need some more removal.