B. Nassty - Aggro Gungans

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B. Nasty (2nd place Trilogy Tournament) 3 0 0 1.0
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ejhopkins 133

This has been really strong in Trilogy, and with rotation coming up, I though I would post my most recent iteration, since it's likely to get a lot stronger after the old stuff rotates out.

Mortar team is key though for use with LTP and Citadel Landing Zone - Scarif is great for helping to claim early while resolving one of the high damage artillary dice or Boss Nass dice that blanked out.

Avoid the temptation to discard to re-roll and instead rely on your dice turning mechanics like focusing, locked and loaded, and Gungan Offenseive, and free Gungan Catapult re-rolls.

You shouldn't have to re-roll very often and you instead want to use those turns to maximize your round, rolling artillery out, playing new artillery, loading up LTP, or even just baiting them by passing... let them give you that reroll when they activate Jar Jar Binks - Clumsy Outcast. Save rerolls for when you don't have a card you think you'll need or want to put more pressure on, especially with Mortar Team and Long-Term Plan as its an incredibly reliable combo.

Additionally, Long-Term Plan can be extremely versatile after round 1 or 2, by increasing resource sides or focus sides for some unexpected plays (especially if they think you will use it on damage instead) LTP is easily the best and most versatile card in this deck. It's particularly useful against the likes of any resource hate decks like Hondo, Beckett or Boushh.

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