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lukkul 1

I am sorry but how can be this "Standard deck" ? None of the cards from the Awakenings Cycle is eligible for Standard Format, and if you have any of those cards you can ONLY use them in infinite format.

DTokz 55

You're thinking of Trilogy format, not Standard.

lukkul 1

it looks like that you are right ... i am sorry i found this missleading website where they explained it wrongly yourdestiny.dk . Anyway it is good to hear that i can use it in tournament .. it looks like a very nice deck ! :)

Kaldarion 8

@lukkul Its not misleading you mayhave misunderstood some parts. The article you may have read is just in regard to future set, Convergence - which is yet to be released. Once that drops the info you read will all be true to the letter. Right now cards in the Awakening Cycle is still a part of the standard format.

Hessian Sack 1330

@lukkul YOUR Destiny is probably my favourite group of Content Creators. They have fantastic content and lots of skill on their team.

I'd also like to add that this is a VERY good team. I wouldn't play it exactly like this though. I took it to 3rd in my Regional and 1st in a Store Championship. swdestinydb.com <------ That's my list.

Why no Targeting Astromech @Santa Ana Friki? I found it to be incredibly valuable in my tournaments, and @GregTheBiz can second. He won the North Carolina Regional with his original version, and took the same version as me to 18th at the Maryland Regional.

lukkul 1

@Kaldarion ou yea. It seems like i really misunderstood the whole idea of that article. Thx for explanation . :)

Hessian Sack 1330

@lukkul artificery.com this is a really good explanation if you're still looking ;)