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TimeyWimeyBB8 7

This is a deck that I threw together with the cards I currently own and with some help from existing builds on here.

Any modifications/improvements are welcome. All decks I build are merely for casual play with friends :)

4 comments 77

If you’re only playing Luke single die, you may want to add a three point plot to fill out your 30 points.

Profitable connections slots in there nicely. Gives you a resource to start the game. Most players have extra copies of uncommons like that.

TimeyWimeyBB8 7

@ChaChaTrevor That is a great idea! Thank you for the suggestion! I haven’t actually got that card but I’ll order one online xD

Maybe one day, I’ll get another die for Luke though!

Duncan_i 1

You can use plot Fortify and give 1 shield. I have now 2 dice luke and 2 rey so no plot) I used Luke's Protection and Vos yeux peuvent vous tromper with 2 luke dice

TimeyWimeyBB8 7

@Duncan_i Now that is a plot that I do have :D Thanks for the suggestion!