Trilogies: Han/Lando

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DaWasabi 66

Upon first glance, you might be confused... is this a Vehicle Deck? Yes. Is it an aggro deck? Uh... Sure, it can be. Then what is it? It's the legendary Mid-range Deck. You don't find many of those anymore, but here it is. The only downside I would say is the lack of real health, 22 isn't much anymore, and you lost Second Chance with the set rotation... so why would you still play Yellow Hero? Because, Both Lando and Han have fantastic dice, and Lando's ability to cheat Yellow Vehicles into play for cheap is nothing to sneeze at. N-1 Starfighters for 2 Resources are a godsend with the current meta. Ever blown up a Shadowcaster after your opponent claims? It feels good. Play Escape Craft for 1 Resource? Yes Please. The Millennium (Starter Set) Falcon for only 3? Hell yes. When you look at it, there are actually plenty of vehicles for him to play off of. And, with Arc Casters, and N-1 Starfighters you can even get resets on a fully upgraded Falcon.

This is the final product after much tinkering, I've been messing with this pair since I got my hands on the characters, and I'm set on this being the best way to play the two of them. The event package has a good assortment of control, which you usually will take your time and wait to play with this deck. It's got some nasty combos such as: Drop In -> Falcon + Han Solo, Resolve Murderous amounts of damage. Or, Maz's Vault -> Opponent uses Theed -> Rigged Detonation for 4.

If you're going to give this deck a try, Make sure you save your Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herders for the absolute right time, hitting a Vader's Fist with it can literally win you a game. Just make sure not to have it discarded first by Tarkin/Snoke. You can Theed + Lando Power Action + Scruffy to clear the important cards out of your hand before they get discarded.


Ramin2-D2 525

Bravado is a no...

DaWasabi 66

I would say that its a bit of personal preference. I find the deck makes plenty of resources and is able to play it. And I've found myself two damage short of finishing a game plenty of times only for my opponent to roll out and for me to just play Bravado. To me, its earned its spot in the deck as a late-game card. Though you could easily replace it with Leverage, Indifferent, or even Drop in.

lij_xo 167

Seems like a lot of fun, and I love these two characters. I'd certainly play Black Sun Blaster Pistol. honestly I like it more than Vibrocutlass or Energy Pike. I know you're expecting to always have lots of resources in this deck, but to me the chance of having a double-blank 2-cost upgrade with Energy Pike makes it not worth it. But if it's working for you then it's working! I like to see someone playing Through The Pass, it's a fun card. Can't see why you wouldn't want 2x Indifferent, even with the spot.

DaWasabi 66

I will say, Iij_xo, that I finally got my hands on two Black Sun Blaster Pistols and slotted them in over the Energy Pike. They're entirely worth it, but I'm sticking to just the 1x Indifferent. As 95% of my games Han Solo dies first.

Barely have any cards from ATG, so I had to make do for a while.