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Phasma/Qi'ra Rotation Ready 18 11 5 1.0
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bmarcial 57

I like themed decks, and I saw a version of this deck ( referenced as the Game of Thrones deck so I immediately liked it and wanted to give it a shot.

After playing with it for a bit I liked it a lot so I stared tweaking it and quickly noticed that I needed lots of resources to pay for events and for Qi'ra 3 ranged side. This made me want to put streetwise in there; I loved playing this support in my DJ decks so figured I can give it a go here. That basically makes all my yellow 1 cost into 0 costs events.

Upgrades wise I only have one Handheld L-S1 Cannon which is sad but mainly the reason I only have one in this list. Other than that the Donderbus Blaster Pistol feels awesome to play it right after Theed Royal Palace - Naboo power action. Still not 100% convinced this weapon is great, sides aren't fantastic.

Looking forward to feedback and playing it more to keep tweaking it.


Ramin2-D2 525

definately needs Bait And Switch. and perhaps Hyperspace Jump.

MDP091 1

@Ramin2-D2 This is a Trilogy format deck so those cards can't be added.

Ramin2-D2 525

o i missed that part. in that case, solid decklist!

bmarcial 57

@Ramin2-D2``@MDP091 yes this was before rotation, now I would call it standard. It doesn't seem like I can edit the published deck to make it standard now right?