Vienna regional Biggs/Qira/DD Delve->Falcon

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Dragon1000001 7

This deck is inspired by Han3/Biggs/AR decks with a small twist on the proven formula.

It includes 3 copis of both Millennium Falcon and Delve for an astonishing 37% hard mulligan start with both cards in hand. The combo is further strengthened by Theed Royal Palace - Naboo and Truce to almost guarantee a 1st turn Millennium Falcon or Pirate Speeder Tank.

The other way to get your big vehicles out is through Friends in High Places. Both of your characters have high-value dice sides and if you get a Handheld L-S1 Cannon the result is more than certain.

Another interesting point that is worth mentioning is the amount of dice that you get to roll in a turn. There are multiple cards that reset your vehicles N-1 Starfighter and Strategic Planning both of which can also be used to deal with your opponets fleet. Strategic Planning is my favorite, because even though it was nerfed is still works insanely good with Millennium Falcon as you can roll it in then detach the Escape Craft prep it and repeat.

The rest of the deck is "as expensive as possible" removal to make use of Friends in High Places and the sheer amount of money generated by Escape Craft and Qi'Ra - Street Savvy. Also featuring the staple removal of both colors like Suppressive Fire, Easy Pickings and Indifferent.

Lastly I included an insurance against the 3-wide decks that I expected to face in the form of Sudden Impact that is quite strong when you remove a 3 side and absolutely devastating with a Pirate Speeder Tank 5 side. I took this deck to the Vienna regional and the games went like this:

1st round Yoda/Leia2/TG mill - Loss

EMP Grenades took their toll and most of my "play for free" cards were milled, but the Handheld L-S1 Cannon almost won me the game with 4 hp left on Leia.

2nd round Maz/Yoda/Gungan/AR Shadowcaster - Win

Neither of us drew the N-1 Starfighter to destroy each other's win condition, but eventhough I missplayed horribly (not noticing a still ready Qi'ra and passing) an on time In The Crosshairs secured the game.

3rd round Dooku2/Talzin - Loss

Even though I had an abundance of resources my removal doesn't work well against one at a time dmg resolving followed by Force Speed or All In.

4th round Lando2/Leia2 mill - Loss

I didn't get an early Millennium Falcon so I had to do with Pirate Speeder Tank and the lack of consistency from Escape Craft was felt. Combine that with the fact that my opponent won the battlefield and was able to maintain control for the whole game crushing me with 3 consecutive Defensive Position meant that even when I rolled big I still got beaten.

5th round Bye

Amazing friendly atmosphere at the tournament, everyone being nice about the late card triggers and rulling explanation.

I am looking for tips on possible card replacement options (vehicles, removal and rotation with the new set) and also how to approach die resolution with hard hiting dice like this and when to go for or reroll certain symbols.

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