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Kakolukia 34

A cheap and fun deck built around of Palpatine's PA. Interesting to read opinions, suggestions.


JuzFuzz 21

I am pretty much a Hero only player, except I played a few drafts using Palpatine that did quite well. I'm quite surprised someone hasn't made something awesome with him yet. Although, Allies of Necessity plot may open things up for him in the near future.

Deck feedback... The Shotos won't work as effectively with only a two other Blue Weapons. I'd avoid too many 'Blue character only' cards as Palpatine will be the target initially. You'll obviously want to put weapons onto your Mando ASAP, to use their ability and try to distract your opponent. Possibly some cheaper weapons, such as Hunting Rifle (blergh, I know).

Kakolukia 34

@JuzFuzz, The idea of a Shoto Lightsaber in this case was to put both of them on the Mandalorian Super Commando, and use it to generate shields, since Palpatine - Darth Sidious can be healed by Rise Again, three times if necessary Cheat. I would gladly add to the deck a Ancient Lightsaber or Energy Bow instead Hidden Blaster, but I don't have them.