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TimeyWimeyBB8 7

Another day, another deck build!

Thought I'd give this build a shot and after a couple of games, it's a really fun deck to play with!

As always, any tweaks and suggestions are welcome! :)


master_shapiro 28

Make Snoke - Supreme Leader elite and put in Bitter Rivalry. Get rid of Dark Counsel and force lightning.

Namedink 166

See the only problem I see with Bitter Rivalry is the loss of 2 health which can really hurt Kylo. I'm a big Kylo2 player and I find most of the time with the current meta Kylo just can't keep up and dies fast most of the time any which way already.

GregtheBiz 379

I agree with no Bitter Rivalry for the way this deck is built. It is a more control deck than a dice spam. The extra Snoke die would be used for Focus, but since you aren't needing the Focus since you wont have as many dice, its not worth it. Bitter Rivalry also makes Kylo an effective 9 health character, assuming you will Snoke Power Action one of his dice round 1.

master_shapiro 28

If you can TRY to at least put in some healing cards like Witch Magick, it might just work (just make this deck with more odd cards, I think it already has enough odds anyways).

TimeyWimeyBB8 7

@master_shapiro I'd love to make Snoke Elite! I currently only own 1 Snoke die but I'll definitely look to do that in the future. Yeah Dark Counsel and Force Lightning were literally thrown in there because of my lack of Blue Villain/Neutral cards in my collection atm.

Once I can afford it, I'll be getting some more Upgrades for sure! Thank you for the helpful input! :)

TimeyWimeyBB8 7

@master_shapiro I was going to put in Witch Magick but I can't remember why I didn't xD I'm gonna be tweaking this deck over the weekend for sure based on the feedback I've received!

TimeyWimeyBB8 7

@Namedink @GregtheBiz Thanks for the comments guys! I always love these types of discussions for different deck builds/play styles :)

master_shapiro 28

Glad to help! :)