Cassian's Loose Ends

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Darth_JarJar 350

This deck is so much fun to play and I hate mill decks!

I think what makes it fun for me is it uses a character in Qi'Ra - Street Savvy, who isn't inherently a mill character, and turns her and Cassian into an Aggro mill deck. And I honestly think this is a better mill variant than Jyn/Cassian.

Loose Ends is such a good niche card that no one plays and it's the ace card of the deck! Between Loose Ends, Buy Out, Clandestine Operation, and Cassian, you will have your opponents deck milled out by Round 4. The biggest issue comes down to closing and getting the last few cards out of your opponents hand. Cocky is a great closer card, especially if Qi'Ra is the last alive.

Final choice is battlefield. I went with There over any mill battlefield because with the card combo above, you will empty their deck. Plus, this deck will generate money and help you play all the removal you need to survive.

As always comments/criticisms/questions welcome!


master_shapiro 77

I don’t know about Buy Out. You might not make enough recourses to make it effective and pay for your other stuff.

Darth_JarJar 350

@master_shapiro Yeah I found in playing the deck last night Buy Out was more of a plus than a necessity. But I found resources we're never an issue for me. Between Theed and Streetwise i could easily get to 8-10 resources at one time in every game (only played 4 games but still). So I might take one out for something else

Lord_Moldywart 1

Love it! I thought I was the only one who saw potential with Qi Ra and Loose Ends. May not the greatest combo/deck idea of all time, but looks good. Someday I’m taking Qi Ra and General Leia milling with Loose Ends and C3PO. Not sure if it will work but should be fun

AlreadyPicked 14

I would definitely add Rebel to be able to play Loose Ends more than twice or if the second card is at the bottom of your deck. Maybe replace one Buy Out and one Cocky?