Unkar Owns A Mill

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This is a different version of the deck used as the death mill, but changed to only use spirit of rebellion cards in case you do not have them. This is helpful if you don't have the awakenings cards needed for that deck in general. There may be a couple cards that could get changed, but keep in mind they have to be from SOR and there is not much else that can be added. Keep in mind also the cards from legacies, if you don't have these buy either the luke or boba fett starters, or buy a legacies box, if not try fitting in card from SOR that remove damage such as supression or doubt.

Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer is a no-brainer here, make sure to keep him alive at all costs, use remove dies and rerolls to make sure he is alive, Personal Shield is your friend, and will allow you to keep him alive at all costs and make sure he doesn't die.Imperial Inspection and Sabotage are very good for getting rid of your opponents upgrades and one support, so keep that in mind if you get either. Loose Ends is your main card, use this whenever you have the chance, taking it back out the discard pile with Cheat or Scrap Buy to make sure you can use it again. Once down to the last hand, it may be harder to get rid of their cards, but use unkars action as much as possible to bring it down, and if you have a Lying in Wait then use it from awakenings.


  • Abuse Unkar's action, it is ridiculous
  • Use phasma and death trooper to make the dice rolls higher for unkar's action
  • New orders is great if you didn't win the battlefield, same with ascension gun for the extra claims.
  • Personal Shield on Unkar for the extra protection, if not use a bamboozle or a sound the alarm to protect.
  • Loose ends is important, try to get it back every time.
  • Con artist is useful for extra disrupts to aid imperial inspection, plus it has the discard feature on the special ability
  • If you use hasty exit, you can take the battlefield back using lockdown, which has ambush so you can use the extra action.
  • Try not to do damage, you can if you can't use the action, but try not to.
  • Salvage stand is helpful for your disrupt gain, but it can be removed if you think it is being unused, which it can be at times.
  • Friends in low places and rumors are simple, discard a card, easy, need this for the end as well if you are running out of options.

It's simple, keep unkar alive as long as you can, you are fine, if you don't, your action is not usable and it is a lot harder to do anything.

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