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FragrantOlives 297

Use Mean Streets - Correlia to play cards like Flee the Scene and Closing the Deal for massive value without their drawback.

Han Solo - Independent Hotshot gets the Hidden Blaster & Black Sun Blaster Pistol, Moxie would be another deck option here.

Chewbacca - The Beast uses Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle and Vibrocutlass

you could also use In The Crosshairs, but it's pretty expensive when you aren't playing on your battlefield.

Let me know what you think.


Ramin2-D2 544

i think Rendezvous is still worth adding.

FragrantOlives 297

@Ramin2-D2 does Rendezvous work with Vibrocutlass? given Vibrocutlass decreases the cost by one while on a yellow?

Uisce22 1

This deck looks fun!

Ramin2-D2 544

Vibrocutlass already reduces its own cost in your deck. Rendezvous is just helpful to resolve a different symbol , with ambush. Since you have a mix of damage (ranged, melee, special)

FragrantOlives 297

Maybe you're thinking of Impulsive? Rendezvous requires the die you resolve to have a cost.

Scactha 882

I like this! Have tried the iconic pair a little, but didnĀ“t grasp this obvious strategy in a meta where everyone plays slow as molasses support decks or Palp upgrade towers. Very perceptive.

On permanent hate I have a hunch that Dismantle could be a meta choice due to the droid armies, Tech Teams and IBATS being everywhere. You have the funds and you sacrifice no damage.

FragrantOlives 297

@Scactha While I do like Dismantle Vandalize is my preferred removal because it can get rid of a modded Shadowcaster as well as a pesky upgrade. While decently fast, this deck plays more in the midrange, so I don't mind pitching dice in the early game for removal.

Chimaera 246

A cool card I'm loving with Chewbacca - The Beast is Decoy, really helps to keep that damage on Chewie. Then use Dex's Diner to heal it back.

AlreadyPicked 14

Great ideas in this deck! I've been running this duo since Convergence launch with some success. I'll be trying some of those cards, especially Mean Streets - Correlia instead of the classic/not so classic anymore Theed Royal Palace - Naboo.

Why no Ordnance Launcher?

Sabn512 62

i think you can get a lot more use out of mean street like by adding crosshairs atleast

FragrantOlives 297

@AlreadyPicked I'm not a big fan of Ordnance Launcher launcher, as the die cannot be resolved by itself, and for a 3 cost upgrade without redeploy it has pretty lackluster die sides. You could run one over a Black Sun Blaster Pistol if you want the extra speed.

@Sabn512 After testing more, I think you're right about In The Crosshairs. I'd probably run one. Maybe taking out Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder.

Toek 27

Why are the drawbacks from Flee the Scene and Closing the Deal are not applied if you use Mean Streets - Correlia?

FragrantOlives 297

@Gurkensalat because by using the claim action, you'll already control the battlefield. Otherwise most players will end the action phase by passing with Flee the Scene or claim with Closing the deal. Starting round 2 with 7 resources and control of the battlefield feels really good.

Toek 27

@FragrantOlives Ah, i misread mean streets. I thought it is a power action. Thanks for the clarification. Really cool deck!

AlreadyPicked 14

@FragrantOlives But it can be resolved after you resolve a Chewie or Han die if you wanted to. That's what I do with them. Example : Resolve Han's Special, then +3 from the Ordnance Launcher.

FragrantOlives 297

@AlreadyPicked That said, the die still cannot be resolved without another die resolution. For three cost upgrades, Chewie's Blaster has a better die & possibly two resolutions in the turn you play it, while Black Sun Blaster pistol has redeploy & can be resolved by itself.

Those would be my picks, though you could play Ordnance Launcher over a Vibrocutlass or Black Sun Blaster Pistol.

AlreadyPicked 14

I see your point. I included one because I only have one Chewie Blaster.

NotaPeanut 54

@FragrantOlives one plus side to Ordnance Launcher launcher is the ambush which you can pair with Quick Draw.

FragrantOlives 297

@NotaPeanut That is true, however I don't think Quick Draw is deckable with only four ambush weapons. Rotation really hurt it's playability.

Pumpkinking1 34

Definitely going to be making a version of this deck, though I will certainly replace black sun pistol with Ordnance launcher. I prefer the ambush and lack of blank sides. Plus its a free resolve after you resolve Han or chewies dice. Hired muscle would also be a good addition with all of the resources

General Vatutin 26

Thoughts on Streetwise?

FragrantOlives 297

@General Vatutin While I think Streetwise could be good with this character pairing, I think it's best in a different build. If using Streetwise, I would go with Theed Royal Palace - Naboo as the battlefield choice & a more support heavy damage package. Entourage probably goes in that deck, as it would be a bit slower since you don't need to claim for your massive events.